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Frequently asked questions from software developers

You can find answers on this page to common questions we receive from software developers.

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No. We do not accept these requests from software developers. Signing your program’s files in a consistent manner, with a digital certificate issued by a trusted root authority, helps our research team quickly identify the source of a program and apply previously gained knowledge. In some cases this can result in your program being quickly added to the known list or, far less frequently, in adding your digital certificate to a list of trusted publishers.

This can help us with our analysis. Participants of the Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) may occasionally receive these requests. The requests will stop once our systems have received and processed the file.

You must use the developer contact form. Using other contact methods to discuss how our security products interact with your program may cause unnecessary delay.

We will send you an email confirmation and begin our investigation. We will contact you when our investigation is complete, or if we need more information.

It contains instructions to offer a program classified as unwanted software. You can review the criteria we use to understand program behaviors that are considered to be unwanted.

This is not related to Microsoft security software. You can find out more about Windows Firewall from the Microsoft Developer Network.

This is not related to Microsoft security software. You can find out more from the SmartScreen Filter website.