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I‘m getting an error code from my Microsoft security software

If your Microsoft security software runs into trouble it will usually give you an error code to help you find out what went wrong.

Most often an error means there was a problem installing an update.

Microsoft Security Essentials error codes

The table below has some common error codes from Microsoft Security Essentials. You can also try searching the Microsoft Community Forums for help.

Error codePossible reason for errorWhat to do now
0x8004ff00Another Windows installer may be running.See I can't install Microsoft Security Essentials for more details.
0x8004ff06You may have a newer version of the software installed.You need to uninstall all versions of the software. The following articles can help you uninstall a program:You should then reinstall your program.
0x8004ff81Malware may be stopping your security software from installing correctly.Download and run Windows Defender Offline.
0x80070002There may be a problem checking for updates.See Windows Update error 80070002 for more details.
0x80070005You may not have the correct privileges to continue with this action - you may need to log on as an administrator.See Installation error 0x80070005 for more details.
0x80070490Malware may be stopping your PC from installing or running updates.Download and run Window Defender Offline.
0x80070643This is a generic error code - there could be an undiagnosed problem with your security software.Try uninstalling any other security software. Also see Community answer Installation error 0x80070643
0x80073b01This is a non-critical error. Your PC is still protected.Restart your PC or reinstall your security software.
0x80248011There is an issue with the file on your PC that stores updates.See error 0x80248011 for more information.
0х80508023Malware may be stopping you from scanning your PC.Run the Microsoft Safety Scanner then update your security software and try again.

Other Microsoft security software error codes

The table below has some common error codes that you may get when using other Microsoft security software. You can also try searching the Microsoft Community Forums for help.

Error codePossible reason for errorWhat to do now
0x4ff02Malware may have modified your antivirus or antimalware software - you may need to uninstall and reinstall your security software.The following articles have more information about uninstalling a program:Then reinstall your program.
0x800106baWindows Defender may not have updated properly.See error 0x800106ba for more information.
0x80070070You may not have enough disk space on your PC to install updates.See Windows Update error 80070070 for more details.
0x8007007fThere is a problem with your security software.You might need to download and reinstall your antimalware product.
0x80070032Your software had a general failure.You should check for available updates and try again, or try reinstalling your security product.
0x800700dfThe file you are trying to download may exceed the allowed limit and cannot be saved - you may need to increase your file-download limit.See 0x800700df: folder copy error for more details.
0x80070422There may be a problem installing Windows updates.See Windows update error 80070422 for more details.
0x80070424There may be a problem installing updates.See error 0x80070424 for more details.
0x8007042cThere may be a problem with your Windows Firewall.See 0x8007042c error message for detailed troubleshooting instructions.
0x8007043cA program you are trying to run does not work in safe mode.Restart your PC in normal mode. You can also find more answers from the Microsoft community.
0x800705b4There may be a problem with your antivirus update.See Windows Update error 800705b4 for more details.
0x8007139fYou might be trying to use more than one real-time security product at the same time.If you are already running another security product you might need to turn Windows Defender off.
0x80080005Your PC may not be responding properly.See Stop error code 0x80080005 for more details.
0x80240016There may be another installation in progress - you should wait for this install to complete.See Windows Update error 0x80240016 for more details.
0x80240022Your PC might have an out-of-date certificate.Download any available updates. See Microsoft KB article 924123 for more information.
0x8024400aThere may be a connection problem between your PC and the Windows servers.See Windows Update error 8024400a, 8024400d, or 8024400e for more details.
0xc8000222Windows can’t update.Run the Windows update troubleshooter and then Reset Windows update components.
0xc8000710Your hard disk may be full.Free up some drive space on your PC and try again.