Sample submission help

If you have a file that you suspect could be malware or unwanted software, you can submit it to us for analysis. This page has answers to some common questions about submitting a sample.

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  • You can send us files that you think may be malware or unwanted software using the following form:

    We receive a large number of samples from many sources. Our analysis is prioritized by the number of file detections and the type of submission.

    You can help us complete a quick analysis by providing detailed information about the product you were using and what you were doing when you found the file.

    If you sign in before you submit a sample you will be able to track your submissions.

  • No. We only accept submissions through our sample submission form.

  • Yes.

    Your sample will be submitted anonymously and it won’t show up in your submission history. You will get a link to a webpage where you can view your submission status.

    If you're an enterprise customer, you need to sign in so that we can prioritize your submission appropriately. If you are currently experiencing a virus outbreak or security-related incident you should contact your designated Microsoft support professional or go to the Microsoft Customer Service and Support for immediate assistance.

    If you are having trouble signing in you may want to reset your account password.

  • The Software Assurance ID (SAID) is used for enterprise customers. It will be automatically filled in if you have signed in and added it to your profile. To add your SAID, click Account from the top of the page, then select Manage my profile.

  • Before you submit a report it’s a good idea to read about how Microsoft identifies unwanted software:

    You can contact us if you have any questions or you believe our security software is incorrectly classifying your program.

  • You can track the samples you submit through the Submission history page. Your submission will only appear on this page if you were signed in when you submitted it.

    If you’re not signed in when you submit a sample, you will be redirected to a tracking page. Bookmark this page if you want to come back and check on the status of your submission.

  • We give submitted files one of four statuses:

    • Received – we have received your submission

    • Under active investigation – we are actively looking in to the file

    • Preliminary results available – the initial analysis is complete and we have some results

    • Analysis Completed – full analysis is complete. If malware was found, we have created a definition update for it

    If you are signed in you can see the status of any files you submit to us on the Submission history page.

  • You can give a file a priority when you send it to us. This tells us the impact the file is having on your computer:

    • Low - if a file has only a minor impact on your system, such as pop-up ads, or email attachments that you were sent but didn’t open

    • Medium – if a file has a moderate impact on your computer system, for example, if it makes some programs unusable or gives you fake security warnings.

    • High – this priority is only available if you have software assurance. It is for malware files that pose a significant risk, for example by causing your network or computer to crash, compromising your personal information or data, or spreading rapidly

  • For product support visit the Microsoft Help and Support Portal.

    If you think your computer has a malware infection you can get help at the links below:

You can also get more help on the following pages: