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Microsoft security software

Microsoft security software can help protect your PC from malware and potentially unwanted software.

Download our products below or find out which security software is right for you.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials gives you free protection against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software at home.
  • Windows Defender is built into Windows 8 and Windows RT, and gives you the same level of protection as Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool cleans infections by specific and prevalent malicious software. It is updated each month.
  • The Microsoft Safety Scanner can be used when your existing antimalware software isn't working properly.
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  • Windows Intune allows businesses to manage their company’s use of multiple devices across multiple platforms. It comes with dedicated endpoint protection.
  • Windows Defender Offline works outside of Windows to clean particularly damaging infections on your computer.
  • Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset can help business IT teams make their PCs safer to use, less expensive and easier to manage.
  • System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection helps businesses consolidate desktop security and management, including endpoint protection, into a single solution.

Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials help protect your PC from malware and other threats in exactly the same way. You can't use Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows 8.1, and you can't use Windows Defender with Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Windows Defender works on Windows 8.1. It's built into Windows and ready to work as soon as you turn your PC on.

Microsoft Security Essentials works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You can download it from the Microsoft Security Essentials website.

Before the release of Windows 8.1, Windows Defender referred to a separate tool that focused only on antispyware. This tool is no longer supported, as it is now fully integrated into Microsoft Security Essentials (in Windows 7 and Windows Vista) and Windows Defender (in Windows 8.1).

You can find out more about using our products on our security software help page.

Every month we measure the success of our security software using real-time protection and performance metrics.