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Evaluating our protection performance and capabilities

We're here to help you stay safe from malware threats. Hundreds of millions of protection customers share real-world data to help us prioritize our efforts. But that's just a start; we also collaborate with the rest of the antimalware community, which helps us all provide better protection to you.

To keep you both safe and productive, we must strike a balance between the quality of your protection and your experience with our protection products. We measure our performance in these areas, and the numbers below show how we're doing each month.

We know you're safer when you use antimalware protection. We are committed to providing an ideal balance of protection and experience to delight those who choose us as their protection provider.

For more information on how Microsoft helps customers to evaluate its protection, see the whitepaper:

Infections and disruptions affecting our customers

Smooth experience

Microsoft real-time protection is engineered to minimize performance impact.

The impact of Windows 8 defender

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