Microsoft has created this portal to enable you to check the classification by the Microsoft Reputation Service of a web site. It also allows you to suggest alternate classification by choosing from a list of categories and sending feedback to Microsoft. If you’re the owner of the web site in question, we enable communication with the team to get help correcting your site’s classification.

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The categories associated with the URL you entered are displayed below. If you believe the Microsoft Reputation Services contains inaccurate information for this URL, use the form below to send feedback that could help Microsoft and its partners update their information, including suggesting up to five (5) alternate categories. To view a full list of the category definitions, please click on the following link Category Definitions.
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If you own the URL displayed above, please check the Site Owner box and provide the following information: required contact information, reason for dispute, and additional detail about your site in the Comments section.
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Enter a URL and suggest up to five (5) alternate categories to complete the report form. Then solve the puzzle to submit your report.

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