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Also detected as: PC Repair (other), TR/FakeSysdef.A.20 (Avira), Trojan.Inject.12360 (ESET), Mal/FakeAV-EA (Sophos), Trojan.FakeAV!gen28 (Symantec), HDD Defragmenter (other), Check Disk (other), Windows Repair (other), WindowsRecovery (other), Windows 7 Recovery (other), Windows XP Recovery (other), Data Restore (other), Disk Defrag (other), Disk Doctor (other), Disk Helper (other), Disk Ok (other), Disk Optimizer (other), Disk Recovery (other), Disk Repair (other), Disk Tool (other), Easy Scan (other), Fast Disk (other), File Recovery (other), Good Memory (other), Hard Drive Diagnostic (other), HDD Control (other), HDD Diagnostic (other), HDD Fix (other), HDD Low (other), HDD Ok (other), HDD Plus (other), HDD Repair (other), HDD Rescue (other), HDD Scan (other), HDD Tools (other), Memory Fixer (other), Memory Optimizer (other), Memory Scan (other), Quick Defrag (other), Quick Defragmenter (other), Smart Defragmenter (other), Smart Hdd (other), System Defragmenter (other), System Diagnostic (other), System Fix (other), Ultra Defragger (other), Win Defrag (other), Win Defragmenter (other), Win Disk (other), Win Hdd (other), Win Scan (other), Win Scanner (other), Windows Diagnostic (other), Windows Disk (other), Windows Fix disk (other), Windows Restore (other), Windows Safemode (other), Windows Scan (other), Windows Tool (other), Windows XP Restore (other), Windows 7 Restore (other), Data_Recovery (other), Data Recovery (other), SMART Repair (other), S.M.A.R.T. Repair (other), SMART Check (other), S.M.A.R.T. Check (other),

  • Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef
    Alert level: Severe
    First published: Nov 10, 2010
    Latest published: Jul 18, 2012
    This radar visually represents the alert level for this malware detection. The red color spreads throughout the disc to indicate whether a threat is moderate, high or severe.