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This adware program shows ads as you browse the web. You can see examples of these ads on the Technical information tab.

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What to do now

This program poses a high threat to your PC.

This program may create an uninstaller that can be accessed from the Control Panel. Running this uninstaller may remove some or all of the files related to the program:
  • For Windows 8, open the Start screen, type Uninstall and then go to Settings. In the search results, go to Uninstall a program.
  • For Windows 7 and Vista, open the Start menu and navigate to Control Panel then Programs and then Uninstall a Program
  • For XP, open the Start menu and navigate to Control Panel then Add or Remove Programs

The entry for this program may be called BrowseToSave.

If an uninstaller is not available, does not work properly, or you do not want to use it, you can use the following free tools to detect and remove this program and other unwanted software from your PC:

Threat behavior

Adware:Win32/BrowseToSave is a program that injects ads into websites.


When Adware:Win32/BrowseToSave is installed, the following files are also created in your PC:

Note that this program might create more than one DAT and EXE file in this folder.

This program also creates registry subkeys and entries so that it runs as a browser add-on:

  • HKLM\Software\Classes\clsid\{36156EA0-791C-9E79-F53F-C665CBABA50C} and all its associated subkeys and entries
  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{36156EA0-791C-9E79-F53F-C665CBABA50C} and all its associated subkeys and entries
  • HKLM\Software\Classes\BrowseToSave.BrowseToSave and all its associated subkeys and entries
  • HKLM\Software\Classes\BrowseToSave.BrowseToSave.4.0 and all its associated subkeys and entries

You can see this add-on in Internet Explorer by clicking the gear icon and clicking Manage add-ons:

The installer might add this program to the list of programs in your PC as BrowseToSave. It also creates an uninstall entry with the same name in your Add or remove programs list.


Once installed, this program injects ads into websites, as in this example:

Analysis by Aaron Hulett


The following could indicate that you have this program on your PC:

  • You see ads pop up on your browser with small print saying "Ads not by this Site"
  • You have the program "BrowseToSave" in your list of programs installed in your PC:


Alert level: High
First detected by definition: 1.157.1846.0
Latest detected by definition: 1.177.1340.0 and higher
First detected on: Sep 13, 2013
This entry was first published on: Sep 13, 2013
This entry was updated on: Sep 24, 2014

This threat is also detected as:
No known aliases