Microsoft security software detects and removes this potentially unwanted software.

This program makes changes to the Hosts file on your PC. 

The Hosts file is used by your web browser to work out where to go. Malicious or potentially unwanted software can change this file to stop you from going to certain websites, or to force you to go to other websites instead.

If you have changed the Hosts file yourself, you will need to exclude it from detection by your antivirus software.

What to do now

This program poses a moderate/medium threat to your PC.

The following free Microsoft software detects and removes this potentially unwanted software:

You can also visit the Microsoft virus and malware community for more help.

If you’re using Windows XP, see our Windows XP end of support page.

Reset the Hosts file

This potentially unwanted software might change the contents of your Hosts file:

Exclude the Hosts file

If you have made changes to your Hosts file, you may need to exclude the Hosts file from scanning by your security software.

The summary tab has all the available details for this threat.


The following might be signs that your Hosts file has been changed without your consent:

  • You cannot access a certain website even though you have an Internet connection
  • Your browser connects to a website that does not appear to be appropriate


Alert level: Medium
First detected by definition:
Latest detected by definition: 1.165.2287.0 and higher
First detected on: Oct 07, 2008
This entry was first published on: Dec 05, 2007
This entry was updated on: Jun 27, 2014

This threat is also detected as:
  • Trojan.Win32.Qhost (Kaspersky)
  • Qhosts.apd (McAfee)