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Microsoft security software detects and removes this threat.

This threat is a member of the Win32/Dorkbot family of worms.

Worms in this family can monitor what you do online and steal your sensitive information, such as your user names and passwords. They can also block websites related to security updates, and launch limited denial of service (DoS) attacks.

These worms spread via removable drives, instant messaging programs, and social networks.

What to do now

The following Microsoft security software detects and removes this threat:

Even if we've already detected and removed this particular threat, running a full scan might find other malware that is hiding on your PC.

Threat behavior

There is more information about this family in the Dorkbot family description.


Alert level: Severe
First detected by definition:
Latest detected by definition: 1.203.1472.0 and higher
First detected on: Oct 17, 2013
This entry was first published on: Apr 19, 2013
This entry was updated on: Oct 15, 2013

This threat is also detected as:
No known aliases