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Worm:Win32/Vobfus.OV is a member of Win32/Vobfus - a family of worms that spreads via network drives and removable drives. It may also download and execute arbitrary files.

What to do now

To detect and remove this threat and other malicious software that may have been installed in your computer, run a full-system scan with an up-to-date antivirus product such as the following: For more information about using antivirus software, see

Additional remediation instructions

This threat may make lasting changes to an affected system's configuration that will NOT be restored by detecting and removing this threat. For more information on returning an affected system to its pre-infected state, please see the following information:
Disable Autorun functionality
Worm:Win32/Vobfus.OV attempts to spread via removable drives on computers that support Autorun functionality. This is a particularly common method of spreading for many current malware families. For information on disabling Autorun functionality, please see the following article:

Threat behavior

Worm:Win32/Vobfus.OV is a member of Win32/Vobfus - a family of worms that spreads via network drives and removable drives. It may also download and execute arbitrary files.
Worm:Win32/Vobfus.OV creates the following files on an affected computer:

  • c:\documents and settings\administrator\toeze.exe
Spreads via…
Removable drives
Worm:Win32/Vobfus.OV may create the following files on targeted drives when spreading:

  • <targeted drive>:\...exe
  • <targeted drive>:\..exe
  • <targeted drive>:\passwords.exe
  • <targeted drive>:\porn.exe
  • <targeted drive>:\rcx10.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcx11.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcx12.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcx7.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcx8.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcx9.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcxa.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcxb.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcxc.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcxd.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcxe.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\rcxf.tmp
  • <targeted drive>:\secret.exe
  • <targeted drive>:\sexy.exe
  • <targeted drive>:\subst.exe
  • <targeted drive>:\toeze.exe

It also places an autorun.inf file in the root directory of the targeted drive. Such autorun.inf files contain execution instructions for the operating system, so that when the removable drive is accessed from another computer supporting the Autorun feature, the malware is launched automatically.

Note: This worm was observed to write an executable and create an autorun.inf file on a targeted drive in our automated testing environment. This is particularly common malware behavior, generally utilized in order to spread malware from computer to computer.
It should also be noted that autorun.inf files on their own are not necessarily a sign of infection, as they are used by legitimate programs and installation CDs.
Contacts remote host
Worm:Win32/Vobfus.OV may contact a remote host at using port 8000. Commonly, malware may contact a remote host for the following purposes:
  • To report a new infection to its author
  • To receive configuration or other data
  • To download and execute arbitrary files (including updates or additional malware)
  • To receive instruction from a remote attacker
  • To upload data taken from the affected computer

This malware description was produced and published using our automated analysis system's examination of file SHA1 7e80f30ffbcaa414595060697ab7667072a91d51.


System changes
The following system changes may indicate the presence of this malware:

  • The presence of the following files:

  • c:\documents and settings\administrator\toeze.exe


Alert level: Severe
First detected by definition:
Latest detected by definition: and higher
First detected on: Mar 20, 2013
This entry was first published on: Mar 25, 2013
This entry was updated on: Mar 27, 2013

This threat is also detected as:
  • (McAfee)
  • WORM_VOBFUS.NY (Trend Micro)
  • Worm.Win32.WBNA.bul (Kaspersky)
  • W32.Changeup (Symantec)