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Description: Microsoft security software detects and removes this threat. Win32/Chir is a family of malware. It has both worm and virus components. The worm component spreads via email and spreads by exploiting the vulnerability resolved with the release of Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-020. The virus...
Published Date:Oct 09, 2013
Alert level:high

Alias:W32.Chir.B@mm(Symantec),WORM_CHIR.DI(Trend Micro),W32/Chir-B(Sophos)
Description: Microsoft security software detects and removes this threat.  This email worm spreads as an attachment to an email. It can also spread via an infected network or removable drive, such as a USB flash drive. When you open the attachment or file, the worm will...
Published Date:Jul 20, 2014
Alert level:severe

Alias:WORM_CHIR.A(Trend Micro),W32/Chir.a@MM(McAfee),Win32/Chir.10799(CA)
Description:Win32/Chir.A@mm is a mass-mailing worm. The worm sends a copy of itself as an e-mail attachment to e-mail addresses that it finds on the infected computer and remote shares. The worm runs when a user opens the e-mail attachment. On a computer that has not been patched for the Incorrect MIME Header...
Published Date:Jul 14, 2006
Alert level:severe

Alias:W32.Chir.B@mm(Symantec),WORM_CHIR.B(Trend Micro),W32/Chir.b@mm(McAfee)
Description:Win32/Chir.B@mm is both a network and e-mail worm, as well as a virus. The e-mail worm component sends a copy of itself as an e-mail attachment to addresses that it finds on local and remote drives. Win32/Chir.B@mm also exploits the Incorrect Mime Header vulnerability discussed in Microsoft Security...
Published Date:Jul 10, 2006
Alert level:high

Description:Microsoft security software detects and removes this threat.   This virus can infect your files, making it impossible to open them. It can also show pop-up messages to Chinese users.   It spreads via email attachments and infected drives, including USB flash...
Published Date:Sep 21, 2014
Alert level:severe

Description:Trojan:JS/Nimda.A is a trojan that attempts to open the malicious file “readme.eml” in the current folder. The file “readme.eml” is a malformed multipart MIME formatted message file dropped by Worm:Win32/Nimda, and it contains an encoded copy of Worm:Win32/Nimda. Trojan:JS/Nimda.A takes advantage...
Published Date:Apr 11, 2011
Alert level:severe

Description:Exploit:HTML/IFrame_Exploit.G is a detection for malicious .eml files that attempt to exploit the vulnerability addressed by MS01-020 (Incorrect MIME Header Can Cause IE to Execute E-mail Attachment) in order to launch a malicious binary. In the wild, the use of malicious files identified by this...
Published Date:Apr 11, 2011
Alert level:severe

Description:Win32/Nimda is a family of worms that targets computers running certain versions of Microsoft Windows. The worm exploits the Windows vulnerability described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-020 in order to spread by infecting Web-content documents and attaching itself to e-mails. The worm also...
Published Date:Apr 11, 2011
Alert level:severe