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Build your own online safety presentation

Build your own online safety presentation

If none of the presentations seem appropriate for the online safety topic you want to address, create your own.

Use the collection of brochures, fact sheets, and tip cards in the Digital Citizenship in Action Toolkit for inspiration, the guidance in the example below for your approach, the PowerPoint template to structure your presentation, and other materials like videos (some of which are available in multiple languages) to enhance it.

BrochureHow to Build Your Own Presentation: An Example
When you're creating your own presentation, sometimes an example can help you better see the possibilities. Here we use a presentation on identity theft.
PresentationCreate Your Own PowerPoint Presentation
PosterDigital Citizenship Begins with You
Promote your presentation with this poster. Fill in the details (name, date, location, etc.) before you print.

Note: To make your presentation part of a larger event, see how to organize an online safety event.