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How old is too young for kids to go online?

How old is too young for kids to go online?

Microsoft surveyed over 1,000 parents and non-parents about kids’ access to devices and online services.

The survey found that most parents (94 percent) allow their kids unsupervised access to least one device such as a computer, mobile phone, gaming console, etc., or online service, including email, social networks, and the like. Parents with children under the age of 7 reported allowing even very young children unsupervised access:

  • Forty-one percent allow their children to use a gaming console.
  • Forty percent allow their children to use a computer.
  • Twenty-nine percent allow their children to use of mobile phones.

Additionally, the survey uncovered that computers and gaming consoles are introduced at 8 on average, whereas email, texting, and social networking are allowed later on (between ages 11 and 12). By the teen years (13), parents surveyed allow kids to use devices and online services without supervision. (Parents who did not allow usage of mobile devices and online services when they took the survey planned to do so later, when their kids are 15 to 18 years old.)

And, when it comes to educating kids about online safety, parents (74 percent) and non-parents (89 percent) agree that parents should provide online safety guidance.

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