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The Internet is a part of our everyday lives, whether we’re connecting with our social circles, applying to a school or a new job, or even looking for a mate. Now more than ever, it’s important to pay attention to what’s online about you and take steps to cultivate a positive persona—both personally and professionally.
So Microsoft wants to know—what’s the 1 thing you will do to take charge of your online reputation?
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16,300 years

Estimated time that people around the world lost in 2013 repairing online damage to their personal reputations

1.4 Billion USD

Estimated worldwide financial losses in 2013 to repair the online damage to personal reputations

4.5 billion USD

Estimated dollars lost worldwide because of damage to professional reputation


Take charge of your online reputation: Discover what's on the Internet about you, periodically reevaluate what you find, and cultivate an accurate, positive reputation.


  • Be selective about where and when you use hashtags to avoid oversharing your location.
  • Keep sensitive details to yourself that could be used to defraud, impersonate, or find you—home address, phone and account numbers, birth date, photos.

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Less than 20%

of respondents take active steps to edit or remove online information that might impact their reputation.


Respectfully ask those who have posted unflattering information about you to correct or remove it.

around the world.


Before you post any pictures, videos, or comments online, ask yourself: Could this tarnish my reputation? (Think before you post, it will be there a long, long time.)


Be mindful about what you post online about your kids–of any age. You might be putting them at risk by revealing their current location, age, school, etc.


Don’t post anything you’d only say to a close friend. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, or have money worries, confiding broadly could increase your online risks of being bullied or targeted for scams.


The percentage of those surveyed who take the time to get the latest info for protecting their reputations online.


Pay attention to what’s online about you. Cultivate an accurate, positive reputation.

Take charge today!

Statistical data provided by the 2013 Microsoft Computing Safety Index.

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Socialize Better

Play Safer

How many of these social personalities have you come across?



"People who take daily or almost daily selfies, usually with their head positioned at the exact same angle."



"Parents who only post pictures of their kids and post frequently. Often over sharing information about bodily functions."

One Upper

One Upper

"People who always seem to have "more" of whatever you post – whether adventure, material items, drama…."

Positivity Police

Positivity Police

"That one person you can always rely on to see and “Like” whatever you post."

Team Emo

Team Emo

"People who post somber comments about their emotional state, fishing for someone to reach out and ask what happened."

Soap Boxing Champion

Soap Boxing Champion

Those who treat social media like a podium to release their political rants, religious views or personal philosophies.

#Hashtag Hyper

#Hashtag Hyper

"People who put a million hashtag words on their posts and photos."

Click Collectors

Click Collectors

"The people who befriend others just to raise their number of friends."

Pin Head

Pin Head

"People who never miss an opportunity to "check in" with a location tag. The people who only post pictures of their fabulous trips, showing of their national geographic style photography skills."

Meme Team Captain

Meme Team Captain

The people obsessed with posting memes or who only re-post images, stores or videos created by other people.



"The people who post every second of their day, like their crammed bus ride or walking behind a crazy person."



"People who are new to social media, and post all the wrong types of things in all the wrong places."



"Users who explore keep up on your posts without liking, commenting or following you or who bombard you with a hundred likes and comments all at once."

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