• MSF-Agile + SDL Process Template for Visual Studio Team System

  • The MSF-Agile+SDL Process Template is similar to the SDL Process Template for (Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), but it is more suitable for projects following an Agile development methodology.
  • Automatically Integrate Security and Privacy into Your Agile Development Project
  • The MSF-Agile+SDL Process Template is a Team Foundation Server downloadable template that automatically incorporates the policy, process and tools associated with the SDL for Agile development guidance into the familiar Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) for Agile software development (MSF-Agile) process template that ships with VSTS.
The MSF-Agile+SDL Process Template:
  • Automatically creates new security task items for SDL requirements and recommendations whenever users check in code or create new project iterations.
  • Ensures important security processes are not accidentally skipped or forgotten.
  • Integrates with existing set of SDL tools, including the SDL Threat Modeling Tool, BinScope, and MiniFuzz File Fuzzer.
  • MSF-Agile+SDL Process Template for VSTS 2010
New features include:
  • An integrated security bug bar to help non-security expert users correctly triage security bugs.
  • A Bugs-By-Origin chart to analyze effectiveness and ROI of your organization's security tools.
  • A security dashboard that gives users an at-a-glance summary of the current security development state of their projects.
  • MSF-Agile + SDL Project Dashboard
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