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Like most malware families, Win32/Zbot does not affect all parts of the world equally. The following figures show the global distribution of Win32/Zbot infections and infection attempts for countries and regions around the world as detected by Microsoft Security Essentials in 2010.

Figure 4. The 10 locations with the highest concentration of Win32/Zbot detections in September 2010, as determined by Microsoft Security Essentials, the peak month before the release of detection in MSRT

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Spain, at 1.0% (meaning, nearly one out of every 100 computers running Microsoft Security Essentials reported at least one Win32/Zbot infection attempt), had the highest percentage of detections during the period, followed by the United Kingdom (0.9%), and Portugal (0.9%).

Figure 5. Average monthly Win32/Zbot detections per capita by Microsoft Security Essentials, 2010

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Figure 6. Percent of computers running Security Essentials reporting at least one Win32/Zbot detection by month in 2010, top five country/regions and worldwide average.

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One interesting trend about the top country/region list for Win32/Zbot detections shown in Figure 4 is that seven of the top 10 most-infected locations are in the top quintile of economies ranked by per-capita GDP,4 compared to three of the top 10 most-infected locations overall.

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