Addressing threats and risks requires a concerted effort on the part of people, organizations, and governments around the world. Microsoft has a number of suggestions to prevent harmful actions from malware, breaches, and other security threats and to detect and mitigate problems.

Microsoft strives to provide a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and technologies that suit the needs of all customers and offer these benefits:

  • Central visibility and risk control
  • Reduced exposure to threats through leading technologies and a defense-in-depth approach
  • Seamless integration with existing IT systems and within the security portfolio

Our approach helps reduce an organization's exposure to attacks, through threat protection, detection, and removal. Data collected using various feedback mechanisms, combined with a global multi-vendor research effort will enable fast discovery of protection against new threats.

Security Intelligence Report (SIR) helps customers protect organizations, software, and people. Protecting Your Organization Protecting Your Software Protecting Your People
Managing Risk


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