Rogue Security Software: "Scamming for Money"

Rogue security software has become one of the most common methods that attackers use to swindle money from victims. Also known as scareware, it is software that generates erroneous or misleading alerts, or attempts to lure users into participating in fraudulent transactions. These programs may look like legitimate security software and claim to detect a large number of nonexistent threats while urging the user to pay for the "full version" of the software to remove the threats.

Microsoft technology cleaned over 18 million systems infected with rogue security software in 2010 and at least this amount is expected in 2011. Learn about Microsoft’s recommendations to help prevent rogues from infecting computers.

For additional information, see Rogue Security Software in the Key Findings for the most commonly detected rogue security software families in 2010 including FakePAV.



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