Balkan Olympiad in Informatics

In 2012, the 20th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics took place in Belgrade, Serbia. Microsoft Development Center Serbia supported and was the co-organizer of this valuable competition. The applications of computer science have changed the world, and they will continue to do so. Some of contestants of BOI are rising stars who will transform the world and MDCS is glad to be able to accompany them on this part of their journey.

Petnica Science Center

Dozen of MDCS employees have been involved in Petnica Science Center through seminars of Applied Physics & Electronics and Mathematics. MDCS has also donated couple of learning robots to Petnica. Petnica is a science center for talented high-school students. The purpose of the Applied Physics & Electronics and Mathematics programs is to guide talented students through various aspects of scientific research. Students gain knowledge and practical skills in fields of mathematics, physics, electronics, programming and robotics, which offers them numerous possibilities for future specialization and research. Through participating in winter, spring, summer and fall seminars, students gain skills and competences for development of individual scientific projects. MDCS employees’ work in Petnica consists of providing theoretical knowledge to the students, helping them in a lab and mentoring their summer projects.

Digital Anthology of Serbian Literature

Microsoft collaborated with Teachers Faculty at the University of Belgrade on digitizing of one hundred most important books of Serbian literature, spanning from 12th to 20st century. The project falls under the auspices of Microsoft’s Partners in Learning initiative, working on one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia to support the digitalization of the national cultural heritage, and it was fully based on MDCS-built technology.

Bubble Cup

Bubble Cup is the coding contest conceived by Microsoft Development Center Serbia with a purpose of attracting talented programmers from the region and promoting the value of communication, companionship and teamwork. Bubble Cup started in 2008 with close to a 100 participants, to become a veritable success by the 2012 contest which attracted more than 500 participants from different countries not only in the region, but all over Europe.

Microsoft Serbia Academic Portal

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