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Volume Licensing

Why Get a Microsoft Private Cloud?

A Microsoft private cloud puts your applications first. It offers you a deep application insight, a comprehensive cross platform approach, best-in-class performance, and the power to run, migrate, or extend your applications out to the public cloud whenever the need arises.

All About the App

The need for business to be able to deploy new applications faster and keep them up and running is a vital competitive edge to have. To gain a real edge, companies need to manage applications in a new way.

The Microsoft Private Cloud lets you deliver applications as a service for both new and legacy applications on a self-service basis with management capabilities across private and public Cloud. The Microsoft Private Cloud is all about the app. That means better SLA’s, better customer satisfaction, and a new level of agility across the board.

All About Apps Cross-Platform From the Metal Up

Cross Platform Supportability

IT Datacentre environment today is deeply heterogeneous, with a wide range of OS, hypervisor, and development tools deployed. Microsoft Private Cloud helps gain advantage of the private cloud computing and protecting your existing IT investments. It’s architected from the raw metal up to enable process automation and configuration across platforms and environments. This enables you to manage multiple hypervisors, monitoring all major operating systems and developing new applications using multiple toolsets.

Microsoft Private Cloud let you put your business’s needs ahead of the needs of any particular technology or vendor.

Foundation for the Future

Cloud computing offers the promise of agility, economics, and focus that can unlock new innovation and transform the role of IT in driving business success. Beyond virtualization and server consolidation, a private cloud delivers fundamentally new capabilities in computing that will have long-term implications for the future of your business.

With Microsoft 15 years’ experience in managing some of the world’s biggest and most advanced datacentres that drove the evolution of major Internet services such as Windows Live, Hotmail, and Bing, we can definitely deliver a complete private cloud solution providing a true cloud computing platform which is a sure foundation for your business’s future.

Foundation for the Future Cloud on Your Terms

Cloud on Your Terms

The move to cloud computing involves more than just building a private cloud. The undeniable benefits of public cloud computing – on-demand scalability, flexibility, and economics, to name a few—also promise significant competitive advantages. The challenge is to leverage your existing investments, infrastructure, and skill sets to build the right mix of private and public cloud solutions for your business—one that will work for you today and in the future.

With Microsoft, you have the freedom to choose. Our solutions are built to give you the power to construct and manage clouds across multiple datacentres, infrastructures, and service providers—on terms that you control.

Licensing for Virtualized Environments:

With the wide adoption of Cloud Computing on Microsoft and other third party platforms, a common misconception has surfaced on OS licensing for Virtual machines. If Windows Server OS is running within the Virtual machine, a license of the OS is required.

These are the four common scenarios when that is likely to happen:

Scenario 1: Creating unlimited Virtual machines using Windows Standard or Enterprise Edition.

Reality 1:
• Customers are entitled to a maximum of 1 or 4 OS licenses respectively, for their virtual environments.
OS licenses
Scenario 2: Re-deployment of Windows OEM Server Licenses to a Virtual Machine

Reality 2:
• Customers who bought Windows OEM licenses cannot redeploy such licenses into another Virtual Host.
OS licenses
• Windows Server OEM licenses also cannot be migrated onto another Virtual Host using Live Migration or VMotion
Scenario 3: Creating unlimited Virtual machines using a VMWare® solution.

Reality 3: Depending on the Windows Server edition, there is a maximum number of OS entitlement for Virtual machine deployment.
OS licenses
Scenario 4: Managing a highly Virtualized Datacentre with tools such as Microsoft’s Live Migration or VMWare® vMotion.

Reality 4:
• High risk of OS mis-licensing may occur in actively moving applications and virtual machines around within a server farm.
OS licenses
Above example, 3 servers which already max out their windows entitlement of 1+ 4 with Windows Server Enterprise Edition, does not allow migrating of the virtual machines onto another Windows Server
• Windows Server OEM licenses also cannot be migrated onto another Virtual Host using Live Migration or VMotion

Save Money with Microsoft

Save Money with Microsoft

Volume Licensing offers cost-savings for getting the IT that helps you achieve business results.

Looking for Guidance?

Looking for Guidance?

Download the Volume Licensing Reference Guide for a comprehensive review of each program.

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