Face-to-face communication - instantly

Chat with your Microsoft Messenger for Mac friends on Skype

Skype and Microsoft Messenger for Mac are coming together. Update to Skype, sign in with your Messenger ID and your contact list and the IM feature will be there.

There’s so much you can do with Skype – share a bedtime story, host a meeting or take a language class.

Here’s just a few of the great things you can do:

  • Free Skype to Skype calls.
  • Low cost calls and text messages to mobiles and landlines.
  • Video call on Skype and Facebook.
  • Free instant messages to your friends, family and colleagues.

All you need to get started is Mac OS X v10.5.8 (Leopard) or above, a webcam for video calls and a microphone.

System requirements

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