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Congratulations to the winners of the PhotoVista Competition. Your visions of Singapore have truly given us more 'Wow'.

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Youth Category - Top 5 Winners

  • Camillus CaiCamillus Cai Camillus Cai
  • Hensa Nanthakumar Hensa Nanthakumar HensaNanthakumar
  • Justin TanJustin Tan Justin Tan
  • Mervyn ChngMervyn Chng Mervyn Chng
  • Ng Wei ShuenNg Wei Shuen Ng Wei Shuen

Youth Category - Celebrated 10

  • Eugene Ling Eugene Ling
  • Jonathan LiuJonathan Liu Jonathan Liu
  • Lim Yu JieLim Yu Jie Lim Yu Jie
  • Mervyn ChngMervyn Chng Mervyn Chng
  • Sebastian GuekSebastian Guek Sebastian Guek
  • Shaun TanShaun Tan Shaun Tan