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Africa STIC Overview

The Africa School Technology Innovation Centre (STIC) is part of a global programme which promotes and supports innovative use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the education space. Originally launched in 2007, the Africa STIC has moved to the Sci-Bono Centre in order to expand on the programmes offered.

For more information on Africa STIC programmes being run through Africa, please contact the STIC Manager Victor Ngobeni
Our mission at the Africa STIC is to help teachers to use ICT effectively across all subject areas, to improve the quality of education in Africa. By doing this, we hope that the performance of learners will be improved and that they will leave school with the 21st century skills they require to study further, find meaningful employment and support the economic growth in their country.

We work with various partners, all of whom contribute critical components for effective ICT integration for the STIC programme, whether it be hardware, software, teacher professional development, technical services, digital content, connectivity and so on. Through this showcase, we are able to offer teachers, principals and education leaders an opportunity to experience different technologies and education solutions, as well as capacity building opportunities on integrating ICT into teaching and learning. The STIC also conducts pilots to test and evaluate innovative education solutions and assess their relevance and scalability for the Africa context.
Over the past 3 years, the STIC has achieved numerous successes.
Highlights include:

Participation from over 3500 teachers across Africa in STIC training and events
Co-ordination of the Pan-African Innovative Teachers Forum held in Ghana in 2008 and Mauritius in 2009
Partnership with Piting School in Lesotho to evaluate rural computing solutions and share best practice
Partnership with Don Mattera School in South Africa, to evaluate ICT solutions and training required to support special needs’ learners and share best practice
Capacity building on ICT integration and Innovation Workshops for over 60 champion teachers in Namibia, Nigeria and Mauritius in January and February 2010
Numerous collaborative projects with Departments and Ministries of Education and partners for example, setting up Provincial Resource Centres, partnering to ensure effective ICT integration at schools, supporting the establishment of other STICs in Africa including Lesotho, Kenya and Tunisia