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Case Studies

Microsoft makes an ongoing effort to address global environmental challenges and reduce the company's environmental footprint. Find news and press coverage related to Microsoft and environmental issues.


See how companies are cutting costs and reducing environmental waste by moving from paper-based systems to innovative technology solutions to perform essential business tasks.

Energy Efficient Computing

Learn about companies that are optimizing their IT infrastructures to reduce power consumption and costs, streamline operations, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Environmental Management

Find out about companies that are using innovative Microsoft technologies to minimize the energy use of their data centers and reduce their environmental impact.

Environmental Science Research

Read how companies and research facilities are leveraging Microsoft technologies to create high-performance computing systems that can predict future climate change.

Microsoft Services

Read how support from Microsoft Services is helping companies reduce their IT support costs while cutting their carbon emissions.

Next Generation Data Center Design

The next generation of data centers leverage specialized airflow systems and other innovations to reduce energy consumption while protecting critical servers.

Telework and Presence

Learn how video conferencing and other telework solutions are helping companies reduce fuel consumption and their carbon footprint. An added benefit: lower travel costs and enhanced employee productivity.

Visualization of Environmental Impact

Learn how Microsoft visualization solutions are enabling companies to increase operational efficiencies and drive greater revenue, while delivering a better customer experience.

Other Solutions

By integrating environmental data with relational databases, companies can predict and prevent equipment failures, lowering their operational costs.