Premier Global Support

Simplify the management of your worldwide support with one contract, one invoice, one report, and one renewal process with Premier Global Support.

Provide the Best Support for Your Worldwide Microsoft Technology Deployments

Centralize the management of your support services from around the world with Premier Global Support, an add-on to Premier Support. Realize the benefits of global support services for Microsoft products and technologies, including:

  • Deeper insight into technical issues across worldwide locations.
  • Comprehensive planning and controlled allocation of support usage across locations.
  • Services tailored to your organization.
  • Best-in-class support for Microsoft technologies.
  • Single negotiation, contract, statement, and billing.

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Reduce Administrative Burden and Costs

Reduce administrative burden and lower costs through simplified contract negotiations, coordination, and payment. Through a consolidated global report, you will gain a holistic view of service usage throughout your organization so that you can take control of support usage at local and global levels.

Take Charge of Global Support Usage

Gain the tools you need to better plan for and gain greater control over worldwide support with Premier Global Support:

  • Services Delivery Plan - Outlines the amount of proactive services, number of reactive hours, participating locations, and structure of your support agreement.
  • Monthly Report - Details the support and service usage by location.


Premier Global Support is available worldwide to Premier Support Customers with multinational operations.