South Africa South Africa Cross-selling key for retail banking
Cross-selling key for retail banking
Retail banks will need to pursue every cross-selling opportunity available if they are to grab the hearts and minds of the modern consumer.
Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa

Retail banks will need to pursue every cross-selling opportunity available if they are to grab the hearts and minds of the modern consumer - but to do this, they'll need to understand the customer intimately and be able to have meaningful conversations with them.

That's the key message that Ozkan Erener, the head of the Istanbul-based CRM specialist Veripark, will be sharing at this year’s Annual Retail Banking Africa 2012 conference at the Hyatt Regency from 10-12 July. Veripark will share a platform with Microsoft as they take the message of "cross selling at every opportunity" to the local banking sector.

"To acquire customers and stand out from the competition, financial institutions need integrated and coordinated channel strategies. Every customer touch point should be carefully designed and structured, and banks need to move to multi-channel delivery architecture – including social media and mobile and tablet applications - with revamped and modern user interfaces," said Erener.

Bruce Nicholson, Dynamics CRM architect for Microsoft Consulting Services at Microsoft SA, says theirs is a clear trend of customers moving from branch channels to more direct channels as they embrace technology. "The current wave of mobile banking and touch computing has brought a new series of customer touch points where customers can do banking more easily."

Today, says Erener, Veripark is seeing banks doing as much as 40 percent of their product sales through non-branch channels and, as more consumers embrace these channels, so too are customers seeing more transactions being performed in the online world, equating to massive savings.

"It's time businesses made a giant leap into the online world and we will be showcasing two international case studies that will show just how beneficial this move would be," he says.

Microsoft Consulting Service's Nicholson says delegates to the conference will be privy to the insight gained from both local and international deployments that have listed more efficient internal processes, enhanced customer service delivery, more competitive business approaches, improved operations and particularly enhanced cross-selling as some of the benefits already being experienced.

Delegates that are interested in attending the conference are invited to visit for more information.

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