South Africa South Africa Small businesses can think big at the My Business Expo
Small businesses can think big at the My Business Expo
Monday, March 11, 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa

The importance of small business in the South African landscape should never be underestimated. The small and medium enterprise (SME) sector has always punched well above its weight in the market, but this is not always enough. If you are starting an SME, buying an SME or growing an SME, you need to give your business that extra edge to succeed.

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) is dedicated to the success of small business in South Africa, and will help SMEs across the board to grow, learn, network, connect, be inspired and have fun. To this end, the NSBC is gearing up to host its 5th annual My Business Expo. This is a small business and entrepreneurial extravaganza sponsored by Microsoft, which sees thousands of delegates from all over the country attending.

Taking place at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, on the 14th of March, the My Business Expo also incorporates the Business Start-up Expo, as well as the National Build a Business Roadshow. The latter is an experience where top industry guest speakers deliver the growth solutions, ideas and strategies you will need to succeed in the ever-changing competitive climate. In addition, visitors can attend the Buzz Party – an energy driven speed networking forum that guarantees you to meet many new key people and enables you to build new relationships and grow your top line through networking.

"There are a host of learning opportunities to be had at the My Business Expo," says Mike Anderson, CEO of the NSBC, "in particular, the wide range of seminars offers SMEs invaluable advice on a range of critical business topics."

Anderson adds that whether you need information around how to access finance or control your cash flow, advice on obtaining the right IT solutions to suit your business and securing these against threats, or guidance on how to approach sales, there is an expert seminar at the expo discussing it.

"SMEs can learn much at this event, including the legal aspects of starting a business – such as compliance and tax and BEE certificates – how to run a mobile office and even how the new budget may affect you. Furthermore, you can learn about the power of social media, which has enormous reach and is an inexpensive tool to use, making it ideal for growing a small business," he suggests.

Tracey Newman, Small Business Lead at Microsoft South Africa, a sponsor of the Expo, says it’s important for small business owners to be aware of the ways that technology can help them deal with some of their biggest pain points – and save time, money and unnecessary effort in the process.

"Today, small businesses don’t have to spend a fortune to build infrastructures for things like email, productivity software and the ability to work from anywhere. The cloud has changed the game – and cloud-based solutions, like Office 365, are freeing up small businesses to punch well above their weight," said Ms Newman.

The My Business Expo is free to attend, provided you pre-register at With only a few days left before the event kicks off, register today to benefit from a wealth of information and inspiration designed to help you start or expand your small business.

Whether you want to hear experts providing advice on a range of issues related to starting out or building your business, meet key industry players, network with fellow SMEs or merely take advantage of some of the show’s incredible specials, the My Business Expo is simply not to be missed!

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