Are you ready to upgrade to Windows 7?

Windows 7 is here to make using your computer faster, easier and much more efficient.

Windows 7 will improve the way you use your computer, and why Microsoft recommends upgrading your Windows 2000, Vista and Windows XP operating systems. Did you know that support for certain versions of Windows has either ended or will be coming to an end soon? Read more about end of support.

Windows 2000, XP and Vista support has ended Want to buy Windows 7?

Windows 7 at a glance

Everyday tasks are simpler

Scan all your open windows with Live Taskbar Previews. Find a file,connect to a network, or use Snap to arrange a couple windows side by side.

Your PC will work the way you want

Make it yours with personalization and be ready to go with fast Sleep and Resume. Use more of your older programs with Windows XP Mode. Protect your data and be more secure with less effort.

Do new things

Use a touch-screen instead of a mouse. Connect to printers fast with Location Aware Printing. Share music, photos, and videos throughout your home with Play To.

Manage devices more easily

Manage printers, cameras, music players, and other devices from a single, consistent, place.


Microsoft recommends Windows 7 as the operating system of choice for all PC users for a number of very good reasons. The improvements in this new operating systemreally do speak for themselves.

Click here to compare older versions of Windows with Windows 7 and see why upgrading is the smart choice.