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Report Builder 2.0

SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 2.0

Intuitive Report Authoring

The new release of Report Builder delivers intuitive report authoring capabilities to end users.  In addition to offering an enhanced authoring experience for business users, Report Builder 2.0 benefits power users that are looking for a more sophisticated authoring environment. 

Note: Report Builder 2.0 is a separate installation package released with SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack.

Top New Features

  • Incorporating the Office paradigm into the design, end users can leverage their existing experience with Microsoft Office applications to quickly and easily design presentation quality reports

  • Enable users to customize and update all existing reports, regardless of where they were initially designed enabling organizations to derive increased value from more advanced reports, through end user customization

Report Builder 2.0 Interface

Report Builder 2.0 Interface

Microsoft Office Interface with Easy to Use Wizards

Report Builder 2.0

  • Intuitive, Office-optimized report authoring environment for business users who prefer to work in the familiar Microsoft Office environment

  • Use Report Builder 2.0 to work with data, define a layout, preview a report, and publish a report to a report server or SharePoint site

  • Use the included wizard to create tables or charts, plus query builders and an expression editor

Report Builder 2.0 Charts and Gauges

Report Builder 2.0 Charts and Gauges

Enrich data visualization using charts and gauges

Report Builder 2.0 offers a new gauge data region, additional chart types and more advanced chart functionality within the Reporting Services authoring environment to enable users to further enhance reports with rich data visualization.

Data Visualization Improvements in Report Builder 2.0:

  • New Chart Types

    • Stock, Funnel, Range, Boxplot, Funnel, Pyramid, Pie (Call Out)

  • Advanced Chart Functionality

    • Multiple Chart Areas (+ Custom Positioning), Titles and Legends

    • Calculated Series

    • Scale Break

    • Secondary Axis

  • Gauge as a new data region with two Gauge Types

    • Linear and Radial

Report Builder 2.0 Flexible Report Layout

Report Builder 2.0 Flexible Report Layout

Flexible Report Layout

A significant enhancement delivered in Reporting Services 2008 is the new Flexible Report Laout data region.

Combines the flexibility of the table region and the crosstab reporting features of the matrix region. 

It is a table, a matrix, and a list – all in one. 

Build reports with more flexibility:

  • Multiple parallel row/column members at each level

  • A mix of dynamic or static members on both rows and columns

  • Optional omission of member headers

  • Arbitrary nesting on each axis

Report Builder 2.0 Interface

Report Builder 2.0 Interface

Additional Enhancements Delivered in Report Builder 2.0

  • Support for directly opening and editing reports stored on the report server

  • Support for using server resources such as shared data sources

  • A query designer for Microsoft SQL Server data sources

  • Ability to read from all SQL Server Reporting Services data sources


Comparing Report Authoring Environments

Design Capabilities 

Report Designer (BIDS) 2008 

Report Builder 1.0 

Report Builder 2.0

Integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio (Business Intelligence no SQL Server Development Studio)

Can integrate reports, SSAS databases, and SSIS cubes and VS language projects in a single solution

Supports VS-compatible source control systems such as VSTS or SourceSafe

Supports custom .NET assemblies in languages such as VB.NET or C#

Design-time support for Custom Report Items

IntelliSense for report expressions

Multiple deployment configurations

Allows business users to create their own report or to update, edit and share existing reports

Office-optimized report authoring environment (ribbon)

Support for local data sources

Free-form report layout surface

Rich visualizations (chart, gauge)

Query generation through layout actions

Automatic generation of infinite drill through links

Flexible Report Layout

Full data source support (relational, multi-dimensional, report models)

Snap Lines for easy alignment

In-place context menus for easily adding data fields to report

Field tokenization keeps complex field expressions from cluttering design surface

Full support for Report Definition Language (RDL) features

Advanced grouping, sorting, filtering

Multiple data regions in a single report

Queries of data from multiple data sources within a single report

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