SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence

Unlock New Insights With Pervasive Data Discovery Across the Organization

SQL Server will help customers unlock exciting new insights with pervasive data discovery across mounds of structured, unstructured and cloud data sources backed by Managed Self-Service BI, credible consistent data and large-scale data warehousing and analytics solutions.

Principais Recursos
  • Rapid data discovery with Power View and PowerPivot
  • Managed Self-Service BI with SharePoint and BI Semantic Model
  • Credible, consistent data with Data Quality Services
  • Robust DW solutions with Parallel Data Warehouse and Reference Architectures

Rapid Data Discovery

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  • Gives users the power to create compelling self-service BI solutions
  • Facilitates sharing and collaboration on user-generated BI solutions
  • Enables IT organizations to gain insight and oversight into end user activities
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Plow through mounds of data for deeper insights with rapid data exploration and visualization.

  • Discover and share insight across all levels of the organization with Power View that offers highly interactive web-based drag-and-drop data querying and visualizations for insights at the speed of thought.
  • Plow through mounds of data in a familiar way at lightning-fast speeds in Excel with the award winning PowerPivot add-in, including new advanced analytic capabilities.
  • Inspire data discovery innovation across end-users with data mash-up capabilities including connectivity to cloud-based data in Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket or via third-party providers with Odata.

Power View
Microsoft makes self-service reporting a reality by providing a highly interactive, web-based data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience to users of all levels—from business executives to information workers.

Sabrena, Microsoft Technical Product Manager for Reporting Services

Download the BI Reporting Overview Datasheet
Data Quality Services

Data Quality Services Overview(323KB, PDF)Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduces Enterprise Information Management that delivers a complete view across data sources and ensures data confidence through integration, cleansing, and management of critical information.

Download the Data Quality Services Datasheet