Modern organizations need to be able to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions that deliver actionable insights.

SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services empowers you to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions for predictive analysis and interactive exploration of aggregated data from different perspectives.

What's New in SQL Server 2012

  • Simplify the process of building complex solutions with consistent BI Semantic Model.
  • Easily build a range of analytics solutions, from simple to very complex, using rich modeling capabilities, business logic, and fine grained security.
  • Empower BI application developers to have flexibility and balance in performance, scale, in-memory, and pass-through query usage.
  • Use the xVelocity in-memory analytics engine to empower users to interact with an unprecedented amount of data at the speed of thought.

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent BI Semantic Model

    Engage a powerful and agile model that enables BI applications to scale and meet the changing needs of organizations.

    • Build a single model for BI apps, for reporting, analysis, dashboard, and scorecards, providing users a consistent view of their data.
    • Implement powerful data models that enable flexible design and creation of business logic, including access to data for real-time analysis.
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  • Robust Performance and Scale

    You can rely on SQL Server Analysis Services performance and scale to meet the most demanding applications and user requirements.

    • Benefit from new hardware using the xVelocity analytics engine, which enables multi-threading and linear scaling with multiple cores.
    • Optimize multi-dimensional performance and eliminate unnecessary aggregations with an improved Aggregation Designer.
    • Enable real-time updates with Proactive Caching for superb performance.
  • Tight Integration with End-User Tools

    Deliver insights across the enterprise through tight integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server.

    • Empower users with self-service access to information when they need it in Excel, including the PowerPivot capability and Data Mining add-ins.
    • Enable users to create mash-ups of information, while centrally managing and monitoring the system through integration with SharePoint.
    • Provide users access to information, through a single BI semantic model with business entities, business logic, calculations, and metrics.
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"By using SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services to create cubes, every day our MOLAP model can load 350 million rows of new Hive data, analyze 35 billion rows of information, and achieve an average query response time of less than 10 seconds."

Dave Mariani
VP of Engineering, Klout