Today, organizations need to unlock insights from data of any size and any type.

Democratize Big Data

HDInsight is Microsoft’s 100% Apache compatible Hadoop distribution, supported by Microsoft. HDInsight, available both on Windows Server or as an Windows Azure service, empowers organizations with new insights on previously untouched unstructured data, while connecting to the most widely used Business Intelligence (BI) tools on the planet.


When it comes to business intelligence, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 demonstrates that the platform has continued to advance and keep up with the innovations that are happening in big data."

David Mariani, Vice President of Engineering, Klout

Manage data of any type or size

To gain the full value of Big Data you need a modern data platform that manages data of any type, whether structured or unstructured, and of any size – from gigabytes to petabytes. Your Big Data solution should also manage data at rest or in motion. Leverage the power of HDInsight on Windows Server or as a Windows Azure Service. HDInsight provides simplicity, ease of management, and an open Enterprise-ready Hadoop service that runs on premise or in the cloud.

Enrich your data with the worlds data

HDInsights enables you to realize new value in the data you have and can combine these new insights with 3rd party datasets simply and elegantly. The time spent by your data analysts trying to surface the right data and source for your precise needs is costly. By connecting to external data sources you can begin to answer new types of questions and deliver new value in ways that previously were not possible.

Gain insight from any data

You cannot begin to realize the value of Big Data until you can deliver new insights from all types of data- structured, unstructured, previously archived or discarded. The benefits of Big Data are not limited only to business intelligence experts or data scientists. Nearly everyone in your organization can analyze and make more informed decisions with the right tools including Microsoft Office Excel.


By 2015, organization integrating high-value, diverse, new information types and sources into a coherent information management infrastructure will outperform their industry peers financially by more than 20%."

Information Mgmt in the 21st Century
Gartner, September 2011

How Klout Combines Big Data with Microsoft Business Intelligence to Measure Influence

Key Capabilities

  • Analyzing Big Data with PowerPivot

    Any Data, Any Size, Anywhere

    Microsoft Big Data offers an integrated platform for managing data of any shape or any size, whether it’s structured data in relational databases, unstructured data with Hadoop, or streaming data.

  • Analyzing Big Data with PowerPivot

    Connecting with the World’s Data

    Microsoft offers unparalleled opportunities for discovery and enrichment by enabling end users to connect to the world’s data and services.

  • Analyzing Big Data with PowerPivot

    Immersive Insights, Wherever You Are

    Microsoft Big Data empowers end users to gain insights from any data, whether structured or unstructured, with the familiar tools they use every day. Developers can build Big Data applications with tools for simplified Hadoop programming.

Why Microsoft HDInsight?

  • 100% Apache Hadoop compatible Big Data implementation.
  • Microsoft support of HDInsight on Windows Server and Windows Azure.
  • Simplified deployment and ease of manageability with System Center 2012 or Windows Azure.
  • Elegant connectivity to Microsoft Office Excel 2013 and Business Intelligence tools.

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