Streaming data

Virtuous cycle: monitor, manage, mine.

Gain insights from critical information in near real time by monitoring, analyzing, and acting on data in motion with Microsoft StreamInsight. With StreamInsight, enterprises can make informed business decisions nearly instantaneously.

What's New in SQL Server 2012

  • Process large event volumes of data across multiple data streams.
  • Gain continuous insight through historical data mining.
  • Contain development costs by utilizing existing skill sets.
  • Reduce management complexity with Microsoft’s easy-to-support platform.

Key Capabilities

  • Increase Developer Productivity

    StreamInsight increases developer productivity while reducing development costs by taking advantage of existing skill sets and investments in the Microsoft development platform.

    Develop Applications Faster
    • Use LINQ, C#, and Microsoft Visual Studio to ease development.
    • Take advantage of extensions to the Microsoft .NET Framework to express queries in native C# syntax.
    • Express events in .NET data types and extend to create new domain-specific types and operators.
    Reduce Training Time by Using Established Tools
    • Rely on common .NET and Visual Studio skills as the integrated development environment.
    • Take advantage of readily available Microsoft developer platform skills.
    Improve Time-to-Market
    • Benefit from easier and faster integration with third-party adapters.
    • Realize value from existing investments in the Microsoft platform and technologies.
    • Easily integrate with existing data stores.
    Enhance solutions using the Adapter Development Kit
    • Develop custom adapters and third-party adapters from one of the many Microsoft partners with specialized industry solutions.
    • Take advantage of an open and active collaborative environment to drive adapter ecosystems.
  • Gain Business Insight through KPIs

    StreamInsight helps management make better business decisions through historical data mining and continuous insights.

    Monitor KPIs
    • Record raw data history.
    • Monitor effectiveness of key performance indicators (KPIs) by using data from event streams.
    Manage KPIs
    • Manage by way of KPI-triggered actions.
    • Refine existing KPIs by mining historical and current data streams with the same query.
    Mine KPIs
    • Mine historical data to gain greater insight.
    • Create new KPIs for additional insight into expanded areas of the business.
  • Manage, Support, and Deploy Solutions Efficiently

    The StreamInsight query debugger identifies, fixes, and tests problems quickly while flexible deployment options scale processing needs and meet diverse processing requirements.

    Take Advantage of Troubleshooting and Tuning Features
    • Troubleshoot and tune queries for optimum resource utilization and predictable performance using replay capabilities.
    • Gain reliable access to worldwide Microsoft support and an extensive ecosystem of Microsoft partners with specialized knowledge and solution offerings.
    Use Embedded Options and Regional Hubs
    • Use embedded-options to preprocess on the edge (for example, sensors and other devices).
    • Employ regional hubs that provide local processing of event streams from embedded engines for aggregation and correlation.
    Perform Complex Analytics
    • Run complex analytics and mine insights with centralized processing.
    • Use feeds from regional hubs to create unified views.

"Our analysts can use SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel to get several sources of data and combine it very quickly, which saves them up to two days per week."

Jonathan Bellisha
Chief Technology Officer, Union Bank of Israel

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Effectively analyze large amounts of event data streaming in from multiple sources. Gain insights from critical information in near real time by using Microsoft StreamInsight. Monitor, analyze, and act on data in motion and make informed decisions nearly instantaneously.