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Microsoft provides comprehensive information platform solutions that can address your Private and Public cloud needs. Some of the key benefits you can gain through cloud computing include consolidation of resources through resource pooling; elasticity to scale resources dynamically; and self-service management. Learn how to gain these benefits for your existing datacenter(s) by selecting the Private Cloud tab below. If you are looking to gain these benefits as a service from Microsoft datacenters, select the Public Cloud tab below.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Drive green IT through smaller physical footprint
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Faster time to market

Optimizing SQL Server for Private Cloud

Key Benefits
  • Resource Pooling – consolidating your databases
  • Elasticity – scaling your compute, network and storage resources efficiently
  • Self Service – ability to deploy resources on demand quickly
  • Control and Customize – drive standardization and compliance

Microsoft offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing your databases for Private Cloud. Optimizing SQL server for Private Cloud solution will help ensure that your compute, network and storage resources are used efficiently, reducing physical footprint, capital and operational expenses. It will give you the ability to scale your resources efficiently and deploy the resources on demand without compromising control. It will also help you drive standardization and compliance in your new and efficient Private Cloud.

Cloud Computing Customer Evidence
We were intrigued by the idea that we could implement a turnkey solution that was fully integrated into our environment with minimal effort.

Mike Cleary, IT Director
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Download the Optimizing SQL Server for Private Cloud Overview
Introduction to Microsoft Cloud Computing

Introduction to Microsoft Cloud Computing(VIDEO)Watch this short video to find out how you can harness the power of Microsoft's cloud computing services.

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