Developer tools

Organizations today need a wealth of tools and built-in capabilities so developers can easily build innovative applications across the enterprise.

SQL Server delivers expansive tools and capabilities enabling developers to build next-generation web, enterprise, and data-aware mobile applications on-site and in the public cloud.

What's New in SQL Server 2012

  • Take database development to the next level with SQL Server Data Tools, enabling an integrated development experience for developers with added interoperability and support for Java, Linux and PHP.
  • Streamline the development and management of database applications on-site and the public cloud with new Data Tier Application Framework.
  • Simplify complex programming tasks with T-SQL enhancements and improved support for ANSI SQL standards.
  • Enable new content search possibilities quickly with new semantic search technology built on Full-Text Search.

Key Capabilities

  • Gain Enterprise-Scale Powerful Tools

    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 offers a powerful array of developer tools, frameworks, and language improvements that enables developers to be more productive than ever.

    Database Developer Productivity
  • Benefit from Rich Support for Content

    SQL Server 2012 makes it even easier to manage content as an integrated part of an application making complex applications easier to build and easier to manage.

    Next Generation Applications
    • Improve content management and search with FILESTREAM enhancements.
    • Store content easily within FILESTREAM blob storage with standard tools and applications with new FileTable.
    • Build location-aware applications with Spatial Data Types.
    • Enable developers to redistribute a free embedded database with desktop applications and tools with a new Local Database Runtime (LocalDb) deployment option.
    • Enable rich full text search and new semantic search capabilities.
  • Enable New Delivery Options

    Whether building cloud applications or hybrid applications that consume both on-site and cloud services, the Windows Azure Platform offers powerful database and BI functionality backed by common tools with SQL Server 2012.

    Rich Deployment Options
    • Extend heterogeneous environments by connecting SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Database applications using standard APIs across varied platforms.
    • Optimize for Windows Server and High Availability with new SQL Server AlwaysOn.
    • Reduced patching surface area with support for Windows Server Core.
    • Virtualize SQL Server and consolidate hardware with Hyper-V virtualization.

"Being able to use features in Visual Studio like inline debugging to work on T-SQL code really helps developers. With SQL Server Data Tools, they have one set of development tools that reduce complexity and improve experience."

Wolfgang Kutschera
Team Leader of Database Engineering,


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