High Availability

Organizations today need high availability that provides maximum uptime, data availability, and meets compliance standards.

SQL Server 2012 provides everything you need to address availability and reliability of data at every level of the enterprise – at the right price and at the right time.

What's New in SQL Server 2012

  • Help reduce planned and unplanned downtime with the new integrated high availability and disaster recovery solution, SQL Server AlwaysOn.
  • Simplify deployment and management of high availability requirements using integrated configuration and monitoring tools.
  • Improve IT cost efficiency and performance using up to four Active Secondary.
  • Reduce planned downtime with Windows Server Core.

Key Capabilities

  • Implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    Achieve the required 9’s with new SQL Server AlwaysOn.

    Comprehensive Technologies for High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Set up Availability Group with the ability to failover multiple databases as a unit to ensure the availability of all databases in the application.
    • Provide an integrated set of options, and seamless application failover with the Availability Group Listener feature.
    • Easily monitor the high availability configuration using AlwaysOn dashboard, a visual configuration of the health of your database.
    • Enhance SQL Server failover clustering and support multi-site clustering across subnet to enable cross-datacenter failover of SQL Server instances.
    • Help control when a failover should happen and eliminate false failover of instances and databases.
  • Make Full Use of Standby Hardware

    Achieve increased hardware utilization and performance using Always On Active Secondaries.

    Eliminate Idle Secondary Hardware
    • Improve performance by redirecting reporting workloads, utilizing secondary hardware, and freeing up capacity on the primary hardware.
    • Gain near real time reports and rapid query performance for reporting queries with fast data replication and creation of auto statistics.
    • Achieve seamless redirection of reporting applications to a new secondary one using read-only routing in the event of a failure.
    • Improve capacity utilization on the secondary hardware by offloading backup jobs to the Active Secondary.
    • Seamlessly restore backups run on multiple secondaries using the Database Recovery Advisor.
  • Dramatically Increase Total Uptime of Applications

    Reduce planned downtime and improve 9’s using Windows Server Core and other high availability capabilities.

    Full Usage of Hardware, Superior Up Time
    • Reduce the number of OS patches required by running SQL Server on Windows Server Core.
    • Improve application uptime with support for reindexing of LOB columns and the addition of non-null columns as online operations.
    • Significantly reduce downtime during patching and upgrades using the rolling upgrade capabilities in AlwaysOn.
    • Bring applications online faster during planned failover with failover time within seconds instead of hours.

"SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn gives us an integrated high-availability and disaster recovery solution that delivers around-the-clock data access and fast performance for less money."

Fabio Catassi
Chief Technology Officer, Mediterranean Shipping Company

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