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Information Technology (IT) skills are an essential part of everyday life. With Microsoft, you can get the essential to the training and skills you need to constantly expand your education. Whether you want to learn new skills, improve and enhance your current abilities or get real-world experience through internship programs we have a number of programs to help you achieve your goals.


The resources below will help you build your IT skills

  • Get no-charge design and developer software with Microsoft DreamSpark. Microsoft DreamSpark offers you free access to professional-level software that will help you accelerate your learning in design, development, engineering, math and science.
  • Software for the 21st Century is a project which provides universities across Sri Lanka with the latest cutting-edge software. Students and faculty are able to use Microsoft technologies both at school and at home. Software for the 21st Century consists of four key programs, namely MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), Live@ edu, DreamSpark and Shared Source Initiative.
  • In thousands of schools across Sri Lanka the student to computer ratio is around 100 students to just one computer. This makes it literally impossible to equally engage and provide access to technology to all students. Usually, a more dominant student takes over a mouse and a computer, while others passively watch. The innovation behind Windows MultiPoint makes such scenarios a thing of the past. Using MultiPoint, up to 30 students are able to simultaneously use and learn from educational software called Mouse Mischief, which has been specially designed with multiple, colored mouse cursors.

    Now you can download this innovative software here for your school.

  • Get real-world experience before graduation. The Microsoft Students to Business (S2B) program aligns student internships and entry-level positions through local businesses – so you can get a head start on your career.
  • Join Imagine Cup — the world's premier student technology competition and gain recognition and clout for your technology insights, skills and endeavors.


Find a learning center close to you and get the right skills for today's workforce.