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Citizenship in Sri Lanka

A key constituent of Microsoft Sri Lanka’s role in the country is its extensive CSR activities through which, Microsoft Sri Lanka was able to touch over 1 million Sri Lankan lives through a range of education & training programs. Microsoft brand in Sri Lanka has been strengthened by its extensive involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility activities through its Citizenship programmes , which has seen Microsoft Sri Lanka, establish a presence in many underserved grass-root communities in the country.

Microsoft, through its Citizenship programmes, is committed to making technology more affordable, relevant and accessible by helping to transform education and foster a culture of innovation, and through these means enabling better jobs and opportunities.

Citizenship programmes in Sri Lanka sees Microsoft working with the government, students, educators and research institutions to;

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Bridge the shortage of skilled professionals in the field of IT

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Provide individuals with the right skills

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Enable easier accessibility to technology

Microsoft Citizenship programme is focused on three interrelated areas that are crucial to developing economic opportunity;

Sri Lanka Transforming Education Sri Lanka Fostering Local Innovation Sri Lanka Enabling Jobs and Opportunities
Transforming Education Fostering Local Innovation Enabling Jobs & Opportunities