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Enabling Jobs and Opportunities

Microsoft Unlimited Potential in Sri Lanka

Enabling Jobs and Opportunities

Latest Happenings in Community Affairs

Scholarships to Students in the North and East

At a recent event held in Batticaloa, Microsoft Sri Lanka together with USIAD & Inforshare donated 500 scholarships to students in the North & East.

Certificate Awarding Ceremony of March Batch of Migrant Workers

Certificate Awarding Ceremony

Certificate Awarding ceremony of March batch of Migrant workers who have successfully completed the IT training sponsored by Microsoft, conducted by SLANA

Microsoft Volunteers in the Community

Microsoft employees worldwide are given three full days paid leave to volunteer their services in the community. The  Microsoft team in Sri  Lanka went out to Mahavilachchiya in Anuradhapura to spend 03 days doing community work.

Microsoft Volunteers Day One

Day one: Training Students at Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya in the latest Microsoft technologies.  600 text books were donated to the school , courtesy of an employee’s School, Sri Dharmaloka College, Kelaniya , Junior Past Pupils Association

Microsoft Volunteers Day Two

Day two :The team  spent a day training the Rural BPO  Ontime Technologies supported by Faro foundation , on new and improved ways to use technology in the BPO sector as well as conducted a career guidance workshop. Microsoft donated software upto the value of USD 50,000 to faro foundation for rural work.

Microsoft Volunteers Day Three

Day three: the team spent the day at three pre schools and with the assistance of the parents of the kids assisted in giving the pre schools a new look by painting the place up.

Unlimited Potential – Community Technology Skills Program (UP-CTSP)

In today’s knowledge-based economy, computer literacy has become a vital workplace skill – a skill that millions of people worldwide still lack. Unlimited Potential – Community Technology Skills Program (UP-CTSP) is a global initiative from Microsoft, designed to help narrow the technology skills gap and aid workforce development by providing technology skills training.

Some key Community Technology Skills development initiatives in Sri Lanka are in the areas of;


Under an "Unlimited Potential" grant to Sarvodaya, Microsoft provided US$ 110,000 to set up 12 Telecenters island wide to enable rural youth to both access IT and to receive training at these centers. This joint initiative with Sarvodya has been the launching pad of the Telecenters movement across the country and many other organizations involved in community development have used it as a model in implementing their capacity building exercises. Other NGOs funded through Microsoft Sri Lanka’s Unlimited Potential program also actively engage in similar trainings targeted at different under-served community groups.

Migrant Workers

Microsoft together with Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association (SLANA) and the Foreign Employment Bureau launched a series of IT Training sessions for migrant workers and their families. The initiative is part of a project to impart basic IT skills to migrant workers with the objective of developing competencies through a multi pronged training process that include IT, skills development, provision of information and mentoring towards enhancing the employability/economic security. It also addresses a very important need of low cost communication between the migrant worker and family member, thus addressing the dysfunction arising due to long separation.

Youth Unemployment

Microsoft funded a nationwide project designed to achieve twin goals: increasing IT literacy and thereby promoting employability of rural youth. The project spearheaded by Microsoft, is a multi-stakeholder partnership among; civil organizations Inforshare, the government (Vocational Training Authority or VTA), and nongovernmental donors (USAID). Approximately 60 Community Training Centers located at VTA facilities are supported, with infrastructure development that saw upgraded ICT facilities supported by Microsoft in four regional centers. MS renewed its commitment towards its ’Bridging the Digital Divide’ Initiatives by committing additional grants that will be spent on providing basic technology training and skills development to enhance employability.

NGO Days

Microsoft’s groundbreaking "NGO day" which brought several NGOs and IT industry experts together to discuss how IT could address different NGOs focus their priorities and help bridge the Digital Divide.  As part of this initiative, Microsoft Sri Lanka also facilitated a consortium of partners who were brought together to facilitate rural IT development projects.  The partnership donation included; hardware by HP, training by IDM, telephone lines by Suntel and cash & software from Microsoft as part of "Bridging the Digital Divide" initiative through selected four NGOs. This practice evolved into a Global Best Practice for Microsoft, and was adopted in over a dozen countries within one year.

Employability of delinquents

Microsoft partnered with the Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association (SLANA) to address the issue of integrating ex-drug users into society, and minimizing potential drug user groups, by providing them with IT skills which facilitate employability.

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