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Microsoft Sri Lanka Imagine Cup

4 teams from Sri Lanka enters Imagine Cup 2009 World finals

Software Design

Team: Mahee

Miseefa is an approach to reduce maternal mortality around the world by providing a remote, real-time, intelligent Medicare solution via a feasible, unique device called the “Medical Chair”. The solution includes a rich set of software applications which has been built in order to get the best out of the Medical Chair.

Our Journey through this competition has started with a “Shock” and ended with a “Blast”. Our effort has paid off as we made it to the Sri Lanka finals and won the Sri Lanka championship. That was a remarkable turning point for us. Since then we have been preparing for the world finals. Doing final fine-tunings to our solution and of course practicing our presentations. Times were tuff as we had couple of exams during the last couple of weeks. We are very much looking forward for the world finals … and Egypt … Here we Come!

Embedded Development

Team: SAS_EN

We, team SAS_EN which is competing in the Embedded Design category has been selected for the final 20 to be participated in the world wide finals in Egypt. We are not new to the Imagine Cup as we were the winners of the 2007 Imagine Cup local competition in Software design category.

Our project, “Self Controlling Intelligent Plant” is designed to give self controlling capabilities to a Hydroponics environment. This helps to addresses the serious issue of hunger, which prevails in many parts of the world, through a new approach. By incorporating state of the art information technologies with agricultural technologies, we have broken a number of barriers and issues associated with traditional agricultural practices. Here, the system monitors the environment of the plant on a 24*7 basis via several sensors. According to the data returned by the sensors, the system can make decisions to control its environment via a set of actuators. Sensors will basically measure the parameters like Ph value of the nutrient solution, Ec value, temperature as well as the water level. Therefore the actuators are capable of controlling these environmental parameters based on the emergent autonomous decisions made within the system.

Having done a number of projects together we, as a team are quite confident of making an impact in the big event as well. So far, Imagine Cup has been a wonderful experience for each of us. Especially it has enabled us to mature in a great deal trough extended hours of team work, continuous learning as well as a world of new experiences.

Robotics & Algoritham

Competitor: Aravinda P

I, Pramuditha Aravinda have been competing in the Imagine Cup Robotics and Algorithm category and selected for the 6 finalists to be participated in the world wide finals in Egypt. I had previously competed in the team Scarab_Swarm under Project Hoshimi category which was placed in top 20 in the 2008 semi-finals.

At Round 1, I had to beat the opponent robot coded by the Microsoft Engineers in a Sumo match hosted in simulation environment. Here I had to ultimately go beyond the given architecture and implement an event driven mechanism to adapt the fast phased environment. During the next round, competitors were challenged to develop logic for a Rover robot similar to Opportunity - one of the NASA’s real robots, to autonomously execute a mission similar to that of Opportunity at Endurance crater. In this mission, to analyze the visual imagery data from robot’s cameras I had extensively used pipelines composed of complex image processing filters. I also went an extra mile by including some logic to shutdown the unnecessary Image processing modules accordingly to reserve computing power and ultimately placed 2nd in the judge’s rankings.

Having good exposure to the embedded systems which in turn would come in handy when working with the real robots in the world finals, I’m quite confident of making an impact in the big event as well. So far, Imagine Cup has been a wonderful experience for me. Especially it has enabled me to mature in a great deal with exposure to cutting edge technologies as well as a world of new experiences.


Team: Sasrutha

A MashUp software application developed by Supunmali Ahangama and Dasuni Kannangara from the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa is selected by the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition as one of the six finalists. They have chosen poverty alleviation through women empowerment for their application. The application “Hope for poor – Sasrutha” entails microfinance and assists unemployed women to generate an additional income to the family by involving themselves in home-based ventures. With the credit facilities given, they can initiate small scale businesses of producing various items for sale. However, supplying these women with credit facilities alone is not adequate to empower them as they will be confronted with problems of selling their products and also fulfilling loan liabilities on time without getting blacklisted. This will assist both parties involved; microfinance institutes and the women to be empowered. The map based application assists the user in locating deserving women in aid distribution, indicates the shortest path connecting debtors who are supposed to pay installments, locates the defaulters and represents loan information graphically. Most importantly, this will support different languages based on user preference.

Recognition of the gravity of poverty especially in developing countries and success achieved by Grameen Banks System motivated us to develop this MashUp application as an initial step. For us the best part of the competition is brainstorming of ideas and trashing out of issues. The many hours we spent on these two activities proved to be intellectually stimulating while giving extreme fun.

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