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Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Sri Lankan software development organizations broadly referred to as Independent Software vendors (ISV’s), are organizations engaged in the business of building products and/or undertaking custom development projects and related IT services to local and overseas markets.

Microsoft Sri Lanka is committed to helping these organizations realize their potential by providing support on architecture and design aspect as well as technical knowhow through trainings, workshops, presentations and targeted sessions on Microsoft developer tools and technologies.

With the IT-BPO industry fast becoming one of the top revenue earner for Sri Lanka, Microsoft Sri Lanka’s initiatives are designed to support the Sri Lankan software industry by building capacity and skills through local ISV’s.

Empower for ISV’s is an initiative that will help organizations developing their first commercial software solution on the Microsoft platform. By joining the Empower Initiative, you will have access to a number of developer tools and resources, along with consultative support, to help you develop software solutions using Microsoft software and technologies. This comprehensive program is designed to help ISV’s overcome technical hurdles, test software solutions and accelerate time to market.

When you join Empower, you receive a subscription to Visual Studio® Professional with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN®) Premium Edition, giving you priority access to over 1,000 continuously updated software downloads with the latest tools, platform, and server technologies along with community peer support.

ISV’s joining the Microsoft Partner Program could look at achieving any one of the following competencies which best match their business focus.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

ISV Software Solutions - is designed to help you deliver innovative products and solutions, increase market opportunities, close more sales, and support your customers.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Data Management Solutions – is for partners specializing in database applications developed on Microsoft technologies including Microsoft SQL server data platform.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Custom Development Solutions – For partners who have expertise in designing and deploying custom-developed solutions.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Licensing Information – Obtain information with regard to licensing and licensing programs.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Mobility Solutions – Can help partners to amplify their company’s expertise in creating mobile solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Business Intelligence Solutions – Helps partners design, deploy and customize BI solutions on the Microsoft platform and help customers make better decisions based on improved performance measurements and plans.

For more information on local programs available for ISV’s and/ or on enrolling in one of the ISV partner programs, contact Alanzo Doll  - Partner Account Manager –ISV on +94 11 4765510 or email

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