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Microsoft Sri Lanka Help Desk for Greater Customer and Partner Support!!!

Microsoft Sri Lanka has taken a significant step in their customer service delivery with the establishment of a Help Desk in Sri Lanka. The Microsoft Sri Lanka Help Desk will provide Customers & Partners with bilingual assistance on Microsoft products, Technologies and their vast suite of Program Offerings. The Help Desk will also function as the central point of contact for licensed customers to escalate technical issues with regard to products purchased during a year.

The Help Desk is staffed by well trained IT Professionals who can provide assistance on Microsoft Products & Technologies in any local language. Their knowledge is updated regularly through refresher training programmes conducted by the Microsoft Technical Team.

The SMS & Partners Head of Microsoft Sri Lanka Mr. Pubudu Basnayake said, "The Microsoft Help Desk in Sri Lanka provides us with a platform to propel our customer service to the next level. The objective in creating this call centre was to extend our service offering by providing support to all our customers and partners.

Customers can contact the Help Desk on 0112 445555 or by emailing to for a range of services including Products and Technology Information, Product Activation, Technical Support (Call Support Only), Licensing Information and Security as well as Information on Latest Program Offerings in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Dhanusha Muthukumarana, the Partner Technology Specialist of Microsoft Sri Lanka said that, “This is only the first step and we intend to expand the services and the size of the Help Desk to cater to a larger audience in the future and also we hope that these planned enhancements for the call centre will have a positive impact on the experiences of our valued Customers and Partners."

Customers calling in on the Microsoft Help Desk for Product and Technology information will be able to understand the capabilities of the products and how best a particular product can fit in to the needs of an individual or an organization.  The Help Desk will also provide information related to Microsoft Certifications such as MCP, MCTS, MCITP, MCSD and MCSE etc. and the value of Microsoft Certifications, especially with regard to the demand in the industry for MS Certifications. The Help Desk will also offer information on the Microsoft Partner Program (MSPP) and benefits of becoming a partner of Microsoft and the Process, Partner Certification and how Certified Partners can differentiate them in the market in terms of Resource given by Microsoft and the Technical Competencies which they possess. Callers can also gather information on various Upcoming Product Launches and Special Promotions.
In terms of Computer Security; the Help Desk will play a critical role of providing information about potential virus outbreaks and information about available patches to fix vulnerabilities and the methodology of fixing it. The Help Desk officers are trained to educate people on the importance of Windows Update Services and why it is important to keep the Computer Systems secure.

Microsoft also envisions further enhancements to the Help Desk Services – especially in terms of its Partner community. Plans are in place to make MSPP related information available to partners through this. Microsoft will also be able to use the Help Desk to gather more information about Customer and Partner issues which will then enable Microsoft to proactively identify the areas which need awareness and training.