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Flintec joins the elite group of customers with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Flintec Joins the Elite Group


Standing from Left to Right:  Shazna Abdeen (Tele-sales Executive, Microsoft Sri Lanka) Ruwan Bandara (IT Manager - Flintec Transducers Pvt Ltd), Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne (Country Manager - Microsoft Sri Lanka), Marek Sekula (Managing Director - Flintec Transducers Pvt Ltd), Faiq Faaiz (Executive Vice President - Millennium Information Technologies), S B Senaratne (Business Development Manager)

Flintec Transducers (Pvt) Ltd., a leading designer and manufacturer of high precision load cells for applications in the weighing scale market, now diversified into other heavy industries, recently signed an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft Sri Lanka, availing of the IT giant’s unique offering to corporate customers. The strategic partnership provides Flintec access to upto-date Microsoft software which will ensure that Microsoft technologies will be deployed across the organisation and used effectively under Microsoft’s expert guidance, enabling the company to achieve faster return on investments and more sophisticated risk management capabilities.

Flintec is the first company within an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) to sign an Enterprise Agreement directly with Microsoft Sri Lanka, which clearly demonstrates its commitment to provide reliable service to its global customer portfolio.  EPZs in Sri Lanka have been known to be ahead of other countries in the region in every respect.  Set up at Katunayake in 1978, the EPZ rapidly became a centre of excellence in manufacturing a plethora of goods and services by global giants.  The success of the Katunayake zone EPZ spurred the government to set up bigger and better versions in Biyagama and Koggala as well. Soon, many leading companies in the world converged on these EPZs, known for their enhanced infrastructure facilities and skilled workforce. These EPZs were envisioned as specialized industrial bonded estates where special facilities and incentives would be provided to produce goods under one window operation, rendering the logistics of exporting an uncomplicated one.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement represents the most flexible and affordable way to acquire the technology that the joint teams of Flintec Transducers and Microsoft have identified as being essential to meeting the company’s most important business goals. By venturing into the arena of an EPZ, Microsoft has opened up a new avenue to reach out to other global giants in the zone. The EPZ is a veritable showcase of the latest facilities and technology advances that Sri Lanka is capable of offering to the world. By now becoming part of this elite fraternity, Microsoft can enhance their business goals by offerings its expertise to the discerning needs of EPZ clients.

Explaining the rewards that corporates can reap from opting for a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager of Microsoft Sri Lanka said, “The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is specially designed to benefit medium to large sized organizations in multiple ways. As an Enterprise Agreement licensee, a company will immediately experience greater business flexibility, achieve standardization and ensure compliancy, leading to a lower total cost of ownership. Further, the Enterprise Agreement simplifies administration, tracks multiple users and locations within a company, enhances productivity by ensuring that employees are running the same versions of the software, and guarantees the latest software updates. When a company subscribes to Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement, we partner the organization’s technology needs, streamlining daily operations and function as a centralized hub for future changes to the existing system.”

Equipped with tremendous global exposure, Flintec realizes that they are benefitted in many crucial areas through the enterprise agreement such as building flexible infrastructure. With an enterprise agreement in place, there will be no delays in waiting for business units to submit a business case justifying each infrastructural change. The infrastructure is already in place and ready for deployment from the outset to meet any compliance requests that Flintec’s global clients would want.

Constrained by quick turnaround times, the enterprise agreement will now drive standardization in the company, making it easy to deploy products and the associated upgrades. This is usually a traumatic challenge for many companies who at times need to interlink operations on short notice. Moreover, by ensuring compliance, the enterprise agreement enables internal audits to be trouble-free and streamlined.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement provides volume licenses for medium and large-scale businesses that make an enterprise-wide decision to deploy Microsoft products. The Enterprise Agreement is Microsoft’s most preferred offering for its corporate clients, ensuring that the enterprise partner receives a retinue of value-added benefits coupled with genuine Microsoft software. Software Assurance, which is guaranteed under the Enterprise Agreement, provides a combination of benefits such as automatic new version rights and many other advantages including technical support, software tools, employee training via e-learning and training vouchers and updates on the latest technology. The agreement also brings in added efficiency to the company by simplifying license administrations and budgeting, removing the liability of administrative burden.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is storming corporate corridors globally and is emerging as one of Microsoft’s key offerings, bringing multi-fold benefits to leading companies in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. More and more corporates in Sri Lanka are opting for the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, as they realise the enormous value this agreement adds to their businesses.  In the past, companies that were weak in IT deployment would adopt one-size-fits-all system solutions which would prove to be unreliable, outdated and expensive in the long run. This is where the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement has created the most impact, stepping forward to offer medium to large scale companies the assured comfort of genuine Microsoft products preferred by leading global firms for its robust and reliable software.

Microsoft’s enterprise-ready solutions have proven to be quick to implement with minimum down-time during implementation. The independent nature of its solutions offers individual functioning with the unique option of inter-linking functions according to the needs of the organisation for a seamless fit.
Flintec’s objective of providing a seamless working environment and enhanced communication tools led it to enter into a Microsoft Volume Licensing Enterprise Agreement. Under this arrangement, Flintec employees will gain access to Vista, the latest Windows operating system and the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Moreover, the Flintec IT team can take advantage of features such as free software upgrades to strategically plan the company’s new business requirements in the future. In addition, this smart Enterprise Agreement offers significant savings on desktop licensing costs and provides Software Assurance benefits such as upgrade rights, training and much more.

With this agreement, Flintec will be provided access to key tools and technologies which will enhance productivity and smooth operational IT infrastructure. With the new version Microsoft Office, Office 2007 and Windows Vista, Flintec employees will be able to enjoy greater productivity benefits in terms of cutting down time spent on daily tasks, rendering them free to attend to more pressing concerns.

Explaining his decision to enter into a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Mareak Sekula, Managing Director, Flintec, said, “FLINTEC is a multinational company operating across three continents. Flintec Transducers (Pvt) Ltd., which operates in Sri Lanka with almost 1000 employees, is its only production site world wide. Our company offers sensor solutions for a variety of applications to customers across the globe and therefore our decision to partner with Microsoft gives us the assurance of being offered IT software requirements of globally accepted standards. In addition, this year by upgrading our existing ERP system with a MS solution our engagement with Microsoft is going beyond just the OS and Office application.”

The deployment of the Microsoft Dynamics - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution at Flintec enables automation of processes such as finance, manufacturing, operations and so on. While Microsoft Dynamics enables the organization to run efficiently, the Microsoft platform products and the productivity tools fuel the ERP system with tight integration to lend a cutting edge to the Flintec operation. This is proving to be the perfect combination to boost overall efficiency, a testimonial to the end-to-end technology that Microsoft delivers to its customers.

Ruwan Bandara, IT Manager, Flintec, says: “Flintec Transducers is a rapidly expanding company whose aggressive growth is driven by incorporating the latest IT systems into our business processes. As the leading software solutions provider, we deemed Microsoft to be the ideal partner to power our ambitious growth plans. Although our Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft encompasses the entire range of daily office software, we have cemented our relationship with Microsoft further by upgrading Microsoft Navision 3.7 into Microsoft Dynamics 5.0 in a bid to empower our business with enhanced ERP systems. We hope to avail of Microsoft’s one-of-a-kind solutions into the future.”

With Windows 2003, Flintec can deploy reliable IT infrastructure to support its business users by providing a reliable computing infrastructure with protection against viruses and other forms of attacks. Whereas, Microsoft Exchange will provide a rich messaging and collaboration platform for Flintec by providing access to e-mails while at office, home or on the move. In addition, users can access e-mails, calendar and task information using a Windows Mobile through push mail technology. With SharePoint 2007, Flintec can also enjoy greater benefits when it comes to collaborating on information and also provide key information for all levels of management decision-making. Microsoft solutions enable users to work more productively by providing a familiar, consistent user interface; applications and data that are easy to integrate into existing back-office systems and business processes; a company-wide view of business data and processes; tools that work together out of the box and enterprise search, which makes data accessible to all employees with the privileges to access it.

Given the global trend for the emergence of knowledge and information economies, the deployment of suitable technology at the organisational level becomes imperative. As more and more Sri Lankan companies make their mark in the global marketplace, they are feeling the need to arm their operations with enterprise-ready solutions that are cutting edge and provide reliable support, growing in unison with the company. Microsoft’s proven excellence in partnering companies on their journey to global success makes it the preferred choice as a technology partner.