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Focus on ERP at Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Summit 2007

Microsoft Sri Lanka recently created a splash by hosting a grand event entitled the ‘Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Summit 2007’ at a leading city hotel in Colombo. The occasion was well attended by over 250 participants and four crucial Microsoft Dynamics Partners, who graced the event with displays and information booths in the Partner Pavilion. The event afforded ample opportunities for visitors to understand Microsoft Dynamics business applications and how these solutions can create breakthroughs in their businesses.

Steve Helvie, Regional Channel Development Manager, Microsoft Dynamics, delivered a speech on the ‘Introduction to the World of Microsoft Dynamics’ and the closing keynote on ‘Realizing Your Business Potential in Sri Lanka’, which provided those present with clear and precise insights into the efficacy of using Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that can help automate Financial Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), as well as integrate valuable data and better manage critical business relationships. It can provide organisations with powerful, flexible tools to enable efficiency and better decision making, leaving a wide scope to pursue business goals with confidence.

The beauty of Microsoft Dynamics is that it works just like and with familiar Microsoft software - easing adoption and reducing the risks inherent with implementing a new solution. These solutions automate and streamline financial operations, customer relationships and supply chain processes in a way that can help drive business success. Microsoft Dynamics helps connect people, information and processes throughout the organisation and even across organisational and geographic boundaries. The solution can help optimise company operations, empower greater decision making with business information and impart the flexibility to stimulate growth.

Companies in Sri Lanka will perceive a clear advantage in using Microsoft Dynamics because of the strong partner support system it boasts of. Microsoft Sri Lanka has selected its five key partners on the basis of individual strengths and the ability to elicit maximum benefits for companies from the Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions.  This consists of reputed companies: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Raffles Solutions, Zillione and DMS, which are using the Microsoft Dynamics platform to customise mission critical solutions for companies. The depth and scale of experience that these companies bring to the business solutions coupled with Microsoft Dynamics’ reliable and superior platform makes this a win-win combination for medium to large-sized companies engaged in a wide variety of businesses.

Helan De Fonseka, Systems Manager, ACL Cables, noted some of the key benefits that ACL Cables has derived from Microsoft Dynamics. “We have witnessed a slew of advantages after we incorporated ERP business solutions from Microsoft Dynamics. Firstly, Microsoft Dynamics business solutions have considerably increased operational efficiencies, offering total integration between various functions, helping us streamline and interconnect all functions in a seamless manner. This has naturally resulted in enhanced productivity and better management of inventory and accounts receivables, areas crucial to our business. At ACL Cables, we are also grasping the fact that the Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution will render users more disciplined as inefficiencies like points of delay can now be identified and weeded out,” she said.

Optimal functioning of all operations in an organisation has become paramount as growing competition and cut-throat markets put a strangle-hold on profit margins. If companies have to survive and prosper, they need to weed out all the dead wood from their systems, which means eliminating wastage of time and resources, while maximising systemic processes that ensure smooth and optimal functioning of all areas of operations.

By upgrading its IT systems, industry watchers observe that a company also displays to its global business partners its capacity to embrace world standards and its ability to innovate and adapt. A flexible application such as the widely-used Microsoft Dynamics will in fact become a change agent for the company, ushering in greater efficiency and productivity, whilst reducing the need for the fire-fighting mentality that surprisingly characterises even large companies in the country.

The winds of change have inspired Microsoft to emerge with a powerful range of business applications, quite apart from its legendary platform products. The company envisions a critical role for itself in Sri Lanka’s IT and corporate landscape by sharing its wealth of information and knowledge with the market to enhance and elevate systems and processes in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and so much more.

Pubudu Basnayake, SMS&P Leader, Microsoft Sri Lanka, explained: “I am proud to announce the entry of Microsoft Dynamics in Sri Lankan corporate corridors. Now, business decision makers of medium to large organisations as well as business application consultants have a clear choice of a business solutions partner: Microsoft Dynamics. As our delighted corporate customers have testified here, the user-friendly feature of our business applications enable companies to inter-connect people, information and processes smoothly within and  across organisational boundaries. Microsoft Dynamic business solutions can help optimize your company’s operations, empower you to do more with your business information and give you the precious gift of flexibility to drive success and growth. Coupled with a strong partner network, Microsoft Dynamics will fill a niche in the market for a business solutions provider who really understands the emerging needs of global and local businesses. The strong business focus of our solutions has already built up for us an impressive client portfolio comprising of the who’s who of Sri Lanka’s business community.”

The highly successful ‘Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Summit 2007’ proved to be the ideal showcase for its business solutions, and customers who have incorporated these solutions into their businesses were given an opportunity to discuss their opinions on how it has enhanced their bottom line. A panel discussion was also held in conjunction with customers to discuss the aspects of Microsoft Dynamics. Milton Thilakaratne, Director General - Corporate Planning & Finance Development, Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, held forth on how his organization has benefited from its collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions. “Ever since we adopted business solutions from Microsoft Dynamics, we have gained a deeper and clearer insight into key financial information, such as segment reporting and analytic tools. The solution has been devised aptly to support international and local accounting practices and standards, a feature we greatly appreciate. I am happy to report that since the installation of the new Microsoft application, we have had zero down time, resulting in increased productivity. Further, the user friendliness of the Microsoft Dynamics business solution ensures that navigating the interface, accessing information and even training new users is no more an uphill task!”

The partners also shared their experiences around the evaluation and the implementation of ERP solutions. Key decision makers of organisations in Sri Lanka and business application consultants were present on the occasion. Prasanna Vijith, IT Manager, Ranmalu Fashions, recounted his company’s experience with the Dynamics business solutions by stressing that, “Microsoft Dynamics AX can cater to any and every industry. The beauty of the application is that it requires minor re-setting of the parameters within an organisation, without the involvement of a major overhaul, a factor organizations will appreciate.”

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions include applications and services for retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors and service companies doing business domestically or in multiple countries. With these tools in hand, people in key positions in organizations can contribute to the success of their company. Microsoft Dynamics enhances all lines of business in an organization and delivers exceptional benefits in critical areas.