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Powerful ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX implemented at Jinasena Group of Companies

An affordable and adaptable solution for changing business needs

Microsoft Dynamics AX – a powerful ERP solution has been chosen by the Jinasena  Group  of  Companies as the right tool to drive their business to new heights. Jinasena - a diversified group with nearly a century of experience in Sri Lanka has grown to be one of the country’s largest Industrial and Trading Conglomerates with fifteen companies within its fold.  Whilst Microsoft provides solutions, Sudaram Infotech of India will be the  implementation partner.

Microsoft AX (formally known as Axapta) is a dominant Tier 1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for corporate businesses and with its entry to Sri Lanka, corporate Sri Lanka will be able to avail itself of one of the most powerful business enabler available today.  Significantly, the implementation also marks the entry of Microsoft Sri Lanka into the Business Solutions space in Sri Lanka.

Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager – Microsoft Sri Lanka said “We take pride in implementing  our flagship Enterprise Resource Planning software at Jinasena Group, one of the largest businesses in Sri Lanka. Familiar and adaptable, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful alternative for companies looking to upgrade their business management solution. Sundaram Infotech and DACVision – the local partner for Dynamics have worked in partnership with Microsoft to roll out the implementation at Jinasena Group very effectively, and we are confident that this would enable the Jinasena Group to achieve the efficiencies it seeks.”

Microsoft Dynamics AX enjoys several unique features that make it the preferred choice for businesses. Perhaps most convenient is its familiarity – it looks and works like other Microsoft software that most users may be familiar with. Whether working with Microsoft Dynamics AX or the Microsoft Office system, users get a consistent, familiar experience which makes the traditional user embrace Dynamics AX readily. Microsoft Dynamics AX is part of a well-designed road map – it provides a roles-based user   experience,  service-oriented  architecture,  and  a  common  client technology  that  works  like  and with the Microsoft Office system. Future releases are expected to provide a model-driven approach to business processes that draws on the power of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

The system is adaptable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain; it is designed to reduce the time needed to maintain an existing solution and to adapt a solution to changing business needs. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides one  of  the lowest Total Cost of Ownership models in the industry, and the Microsoft  mass  market  model  helps  reduce  the  cost of development and maintenance,  further lowering the TCO of the installation. A standardized migration process, together with a new Sure  Step  Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX, can help speed up the implementation  process,  lessen  the risks inherent in any implementation, provide  increased  transparency,  deliver  improved accuracy, and ease the pain  that  can  take  place when migrating to a new system. Dynamics AX is designed with an architecture that makes it easier to implement in stages and even be implemented in subsidiary or satellite sites with links to the back-office system in headquarters facilitating for mixed-mode manufacturers and distributors.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has more than 1,500 partners and 7,000 customers worldwide and Microsoft is working with the partner community to deliver best-of-class vertical solutions to support many industries.

The  complete  implementation  of  AX  Dynamics at the Jinasena Limited would encompass  the  processes  of  Finance, Supply Chain, Projects and Services Management, Production, Master Planning & Human Resources and Admin(Fleet), Centralized  Planning  and After Sales Service Management. Centralized planning: out of many, one of the key requirements of Jinasena Group was to perform centralized planning for the group to attain cost benefits in the material requirement planning process. Yet again, Dynamics AX was rated the ideal solution in meeting this key requirement.

At the project kick-off Mr  Rohan Jinasena, Director of Jinasena Limited  said “We are extremely happy to  select  Microsoft  Dynamics Ax as the new ERP solution for the Jinasena Limited  group  as  it  supports our business processes and future business strategies.  All  our  present  operations could be totally integrated with Dynamics   AX   functions   and  will  require  only  a  minimum  level  of customization  as  identified during the preliminary stages. Since Dynamics AX  is  a  software  solution  implemented at leading organizations in many countries,  undoubtedly  the best business practices already available with the  package  would  bring  in  greater  benefits to the organization. With implementation of Dynamics AX we are hoping to improve our present business processes and to provide many benefits to our valued customers.”

Mr. Senaka Attygalle, General Manager (IT) of Jinasena Ltd group said, the decision to implement a new ERP solution was taken since the present system could not cope with the business expansions and the technology used to develop the system was more than 15 years old.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax was selected after a careful evaluation process where few other ERP systems were considered and also he said we are fortunate to select an ERP system like Dynamics AX since it is rich in features, user friendly and also most of the processors could be mapped with Dynamics AX respective modules with proper parameter settings. Thereby the envisaged customization percentage could be kept to a minimum level. At the project kick-off, Mr. Attygalle highlighted the key benefits of the new ERP system and the user commitments and key responsibilities to make the project a success. He also emphasized certain key points of how to implement an ERP system successfully.

Sundaram Infotech is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the most respected Financial Services Companies in India: Sundaram Finance Limited, a part of the TVS Group. An ISO 9001: 2000 quality certified organization, Sundaram Infotech focuses on markets in Indian subcontinent, Middle East Asia, US, Europe and Australia.  Sundaram  Infotech  offers to provide licenses and implementation  services  for  Microsoft  Dynamics  AX | NAV | CRM and also offers  Dynamics  solutions  for  specific  industries  such  as Automobile Dealerships,   Construction,   Financial  Services  and  Trading.  Sundaram Infotech can also offer services based on Microsoft Dynamics such as training, resource augmentation, upgrade services to Dynamics partners and customers.

DACvision, the Microsoft – Gold Certified Partner, is the local partner for Microsoft Dynamics products suite.  DACvision  is  the primary party who
teamed   up   with   Sundaram  Infotech of India, in  materializing  the  Dynamics  AX implementation  project  at Jinasena Group. The DACvision team would shadow the  implementation team from Sundaram Infotech to get the expertise and be ready with certification to provide post implementation support to Jinasena Group.  This would further benefit Jinasena to obtain support services at a low cost.

Jinasena  Limited is involved in a range of industries including the manufacture of Water Pumps, Tractors, Agricultural Machinery, Machining and Fabrication of Engineering Components, Seals, Solid Rubber Tyres, Garments, Aluminium Dye Castings and Hospitality Industry. They currently  operate six factories producing water pumps, electric motors and agricultural machinery. These products, manufactured to international  standards,  are  exported to many countries around the world through  Jinasena  Industrial  Appliances  Limited.  Jinasena was among the first   to   introduce computer  controlled  numerical  machines  to  the manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka.  Today, with eleven CNC turning centers, seven  injecting  molding  machines, eight NC lathes, two Seal Lapping and polishing  machines and newly introduced Ultra-Sonic pasting machines – the latest   technology  in  the  Sri  Lankan  manufacturing  sector,  Jinasena Industrial  Appliances Limited customizes products to be exported according to  each  country’s  requirements.  Jinasena  Industrial Appliances Limited focuses  mainly  on  outsourcing  parts  or complete assemblies in electric motors, water pumps and related industrial products.

Jinasena  is  also  the  sole distributors for ROBIN engines from Japan and also  imports  Water Purifiers from India and Drip and Sprinkler irrigation systems from leading manufacturers in the USA, Israel, Thailand and India - all  of  which  reaches the local market through the island-wide network of Sales Centers and dealers.