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Enjoy an Enhanced Windows Experience with Vista Instant Search

Microsoft Windows Vista Instant Search

There’s good news for everyone who has been enjoying the efficiency and creativity of the Windows Vista package, Instant Search, an enhanced desktop search that locates files and e-mails on the computer is available almost anywhere in and on all versions of Windows Vista. Instant Search guarantees accurate, pinpoint results, and is a fast and easy method of looking for a file name, a property, or even text contained within a file.

Be it a search for Control Panel applets or music files in Windows Media Player, or a perusal of all files and applications on the Start menu, Instant Search contextualises and optimises its results based on the current activity of the user.  It is a live and interactive search – the standard programmes on the Start Menu for instance, disappear and are replaced by content matching the search criteria. Results may include files, folders, programmes, email messages, address book entries, calendar appointments, pictures, movies, PDF documents, music files, Web bookmarks, and Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) that match the search criteria regardless of where the content is stored.  If the results are unsatisfactory, Instant Search provides easy access to tools that help design more specific searches or provides the option of searching via the Internet.

“Instant Search is eminently user friendly” said a satisfied user. “The Start Search text box appears at the bottom of the Start menu; type in the search criteria, for instance if it is a file named “first assignment," typing either “first” or “assignment” will suffice for the file to be displayed. Instant Search even looks for content inside a document, if it matches the search criteria. And in the case of an email message, the message opens in the default mail programme”.

Instant Search is showcased on the top right hand corner of Windows Vista Explorer, which includes the Documents Explorer, Music Explorer, Pictures Explorer, and new Search Explorer. It also appears on the top right hand corner of the redesigned Control Panel; to accomplish a task simply type in a word or phrase, and the Control Panel filters down to the most appropriate choice.  Instant Search is also available on Windows programmes such as Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Media Player.