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Toroid Signs Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement


Standing form Left to Right: Mr. Sharada Kirinde - Mid Market Sales Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka, Mr. Pubudu Basnayake – SMS&P Lead, Microsoft Sri Lanka, Mr. Chris Atkinson – Vice President, South East Asia, Microsoft Operations Mr. Bo Lindberg – Managing Director, Toroid International (Pvt) Ltd. Mr. T. Suresh – CEO, ZILLIONe Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Thilak S. Ranamuka – Assistant IT Manager – System Administration & Networks, Toroid International (Pvt) Ltd

Toroid  International (Pvt) Limited has entered into an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft Sri Lanka, which enables the transformer manufacturing multinational to deploy the latest in Microsoft technologies within the organization. The agreement brings along with it Microsoft expertise that will help Toroid to optimise its IT infrastructure ensuring faster return on investments and empowering it with better risk management capabilities.

Before taking the step to invite Microsoft to partner its growth plans into the future, the management at Toroid realised there was a need to consolidate the company’s IT systems and processes to enhance its performance.  Thus, this strategic partnership provides Toroid access to the latest Microsoft software, thus ensuring the company stays a step ahead in the global competitive arena. Toroid  International becomes the second organisation in the Katunayake EPZ (Export Processing Zone) to sign an Enterprise Agreement directly with Microsoft Sri Lanka. The EPZ counts some of the best known global brands’ manufacturing facilities from all spheres of industry. The very fact that an EPZ company should opt for the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement above all others reflects Microsoft’s adaptability and ability to grow with exponential business demands that Toroid is forecasting. The agreement is specifically targeted at large scale business entities, companies having 250 or more desktops, a sphere in which Microsoft has earned the reputation for offering the best value.

Microsoft’s most preferred offering to its corporate customers, the Enterprise Agreement, simplifies license administration by merely requiring a single transaction to acquire licenses across the entire enterprise and thus helps ensure compliancy. Apart from the technical aspects of the agreement, the highly trained and professional IT team at Microsoft is always on hand to address any troubleshooting that may arise and assist managers at Toroid to extract the best value from the licensed products.

Specifically where Toroid was concerned, the Microsoft team identified certain areas that would greatly benefit the EPZ-based company. By adopting the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, the  suite of Microsoft products on offer will benefit the areas of communication, workflows, messaging and collaboration programmes and document management solutions at Toroid. Security of data and systems is another key concern for companies in today’s high-tech world, and the agreement works double time to ensure the greatest of security protection for its partnering companies. By securing important information under the agreement’s protective system, Toroid can rest assured its future is in the hands of professionals.

Bo Lindberg, Managing Director, Toroid International  (Pvt) Ltd, says: “The Enterprise Agreement creates more value for our customers as well as reduces risks of license non-compliance and associated costs. Moreover, Toroid will have immediate access rights at all times during the terms of our enrolment to the most current versions of the enterprise platform products elected in the agreement. We look forward optimistically to achieving multi-fold benefits with this significant partnership with Microsoft.”

Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps Toroid to get the most out of their software investment. It combines the latest software with, partner services, training, and IT tools that help Toroid deploy, manage and migrate software. With Software Assurance, Toroid can increase worker productivity, accelerate organisational performance and quickly realise a return on their software investment. Undoubtedly, there is a growing awareness in Sri Lanka’s corporate corridors about the advantages of signing up for Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement as it extends a host of benefits to companies, helping to enhance its bottomline.

Originally a Swedish company, Toroid merged with a Norwegian company, Noratel (, in 2005, which serves the European market with operations in 12 countries. Toroid’s main line of business is  manufacturing of . most comprehensive dry-insulated transformers and power-supplies including everything from small wound reactors to large three-phase power transformers.

Toroid runs three manufacturing plants in close proximity to each other in the Katunayake Export Processing Zone, and is well equipped with technical expertise and machinery to cater to meet high quality manufacturing demands. Toroid is consistent in maintaining the highest quality of its products and is committed to international safety standards. All the production plants are certified under ISO9001/2000 and the products are certified by a range of certifying authorities and standard organisations. Toroid has now grown exponentially in terms of plant, machinery and staff over the years, strengthening its market share in the US and Europe.

To improve productivity, communications and collaboration with and among its group offices and customers, Toroid standardised its information infrastructure on Microsoft server and desktop software, thus signing up for a Microsoft Volume Licensing Enterprise Agreement. Through the Enterprise Agreement, Toroid simplified its license management, reduced licensing costs, gained predictable budgeting, maximized value from software expenditures, and is able to more efficiently deploy new technologies.

The organisation found that to maintain its competitive advantage through rapid growth, it needed to equip its workers with consistent software tools. Further, the company also wanted to streamline administration and support, while maintaining predictable IT costs. By signing a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Toroid will gain predictable licensing costs for Microsoft software as well as additional productivity benefits and support tools through Software Assurance.

Business decision-makers and IT managers of medium to large organisations in Sri Lanka are often faced with the onerous task of finding a suitable IT partner who will provide the absolute latest software updates while also offering exceptional service standards. More often than not, these decision-makers are forced to run from pillar to post to satisfy and keep pace with the IT needs of the company.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement was conceptualised to serve just these decision-makers who can now source all their IT needs from under one roof. The Enterprise Agreement moreover simplifies license tracking, which is a clear advantage in a scenario where there is mounting legal action against illegal software being sold to unsuspecting clients by software dealers. The Enterprise Agreement is Microsoft’s most preferred offering for its corporate clients, ensuring that the enterprise partner receives a retinue of value-added benefits coupled with genuine Microsoft software. It also eliminates the need for any additional resources to be spent on tackling licensing agreements.

Under the Enterprise Agreement, all users are provided access to the latest Windows operating system and the 2007 Microsoft Office, IT support can take advantage of features such as free software upgrades to strategically plan the company’s new business requirements as and when they need to. In addition, an Enterprise Agreement offers significant savings on desktop licensing costs and provides Software Assurance benefits such as upgrade rights, training and more.

With the new version of Microsoft Office (Office 2007) & Windows Vista, users of Toroid will be able to enjoy greater productivity benefits in terms of time to taken complete day-to-day tasks. In return, this freed-up time can be used towards other value-addition in the organization. With Windows Server 2008, Toroid can deploy a reliable IT Infrastructure to support its business users by providing a reliable computing infrastructure with protection against viruses and other forms of attacks.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 will provide a reliable messaging system, with built-in protection against spam and viruses. Using Exchange 2007, users throughout Toroid can access e-mail, calendars, and contacts from a wide variety of devices and from any location.

Commending Toroid on its decision, Pubudu Basnayake, SMS&P Lead, Microsoft Sri Lanka, explains: “Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement helps organisations reduce the total cost of ownership of Microsoft software, reduce costs of IT computing and extracts greater productivity from their software investments. Toroid will benefit from our tailored solution and find that in the long run, entering an Enterprise Agreement helps cuts back on their IT spend. More significantly, the Enterprise Agreement allows clients to plan and put into practice technology needs without initiating new agreements each year, thus, abolishing the need for costly business and legal negotiations.”

Toroid’s Enterprise Agreement includes Microsoft Windows Server 2008 OS, Microsoft Office Professional Edition, Windows Vista OS, and the Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL) suite, CALs for Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Systems Management Server, and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server. The Enterprise Agreement also includes Microsoft Content Management Server, SQL Server™, Microsoft Office Communications Server, and External Connectors for Exchange Server and Terminal Server, which cover external users who use Web-delivered services such as reporting, documentation, and online collaboration. Having all these value added solutions converging under the umbrella of the enterprise agreement has simplified the administrative flow at Toroid.

Toroid’s IT leadership is fully cognizant of the licensing programme and the opportunities that the Agreement provides when it purchases software strategically, based on accurate data, rather than on a one-off basis. In the past, companies that were weak in IT deployment would adopt generic system solutions which would prove to be unreliable, outdated and expensive in the long run. This is where the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement has created the most impact, stepping forward to offer medium to large scale companies the assured comfort of genuine Microsoft products preferred by leading global firms for its robust and reliable software. Microsoft’s enterprise-ready solutions have proven to be quick to implement with minimum down-time during implementation. The independent nature of its solutions offers individual functioning with the unique option of inter-linking functions according to the needs of the organisation for a seamless fit.