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Microsoft Sponsors the Biggest Ever ICT Showcases in Sri Lanka – INFOTEL 2008 Exhibition

Microsoft Sri Lanka has come forward as a sponsor for the 9th Infotel Lanka Exhibition which will kick off at the BMICH on the 30th of October 2008. Infotel is one of Sri Lanka’s premier information communication technology events in the local IT calendar and is a part of the ICT week that commences on the 27th of October this year. The event is expected to be the biggest ever ICT showcase thus far which will bring together the entire IT community in Sri Lanka to one single platform.

The 10th International IT Conference - IITC 2008 is another key event scheduled alongside the national ICT week. It will provide opportunities for participants to acquaint themselves with the current global technological developments through presentations made by eminent specialists in the field.
Detailing their involvement in the event, Manoji Samararatne – Marketing Lead of Microsoft Sri Lanka said, “Microsoft Sri Lanka is pleased to support the Infotel Lanka Exhibition and the IITC 2008 Conference as a sponsor. Infotel Lanka Exhibition, over its nine year history has elevated itself to be a much looked forward to event by the local ICT community. We see this as an opportunity to reach a wide audience who aspire to make Information and Communications Technology an integral part of their lives. It also provides us a platform to make the public aware of the great impact ICT has created in the development process of our country.  Many of our projects focused on capacity building aims to provide the general public with opportunities wherever possible to familiarize themselves and experience the benefits of IT. Our commitment to uplifting the industry is yet another one of our efforts to bridge the digital divide and stands proof of Microsoft’s commitment towards making “Your Potential, Our Passion”. Microsoft anticipates this exhibition to provide yet another stepping stone towards achieving this overarching vision and take this opportunity to wish this event all success.”

The theme for this year’s exhibition is “the future is already here” which hopes to draw attention to the already available infrastructure and offerings in the local ICT field. It also aims to provide a forum for promoting ICT products and services and an effective meeting place for service providers and potential local and foreign clientele. Furthermore, in addition to the software, hardware and communications categories at this year’s exhibition, a special “career section” has also been introduced. This aims to provide career seekers, students and visitors with information on how to match career and job opportunities in the field of ICT. It will also showcase the strengths in the market in terms of academic and professional courses available. “As a sponsor, we will also be involved in these sessions which will provide career guidance, counseling and educate the participants on the various career opportunities available worldwide. At Microsoft, we know with certainty that Sri Lankans can shine given the right opportunities, the right support and the right guidance. By supporting this category, we aim to give just that to our next generation of IT professionals,” stated Ms. Samararatne.

Microsoft’s involvement in building capacity within the ICT industry is extensive.  In 2005, Microsoft signed an MOU with the Government of Sri Lanka, under which MS contributes positively towards the development and facilitation of a vibrant local software economy. Microsoft activities on capacity building, reaches Schools, Universities, as well as Under-Served Communities and IT professionals with training and educational programmes to uplift the ICT literacy of the country. The projects undertaken aims to prepare the workforce to face the challenges of the new knowledge economy thereby increase employability.  Through this, Microsoft has not only been able to uplift the standards of IT in Sri Lanka to a great extent, but it has also enabled Microsoft Sri Lanka to already reach its goal of touching over 1 million lives through their wide sphere of empowerment activities, a goal which was initially set out to be reached by the year 2009.