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Providing Individual Software Solutions - Microsoft Sri Lanka Partners Wataniya Telecom Maldives

Leading mobile service operator Wataniya Telecom Maldives and Microsoft Sri Lanka recently entered into an Enterprise Agreement (EA) that provides the cellular company access to state-of-the-art Microsoft software.  Microsoft’s most preferred offering to its corporate customer, the EA enables Wataniya Telecom to streamline its business processes and enhance productivity through the implementation of a flexible IT infrastructure that adapts rapidly to the changing needs of the business environment.  This delivery of essential tools and technologies to Wataniya further enhances Microsoft Sri Lanka’s presence in the Maldivian market. Wataniya selected Millennium Information Technologies Ltd, a Gold Certified partner of Microsoft through a competitive bidding procedure for the implementation. “We are very happy to be selected as the preferred partner of Wataniya Telecom, Maldives, to deliver their Microsoft licensing and solution requirements. MillenniumESP is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and with one of the best technical teams in the country, I have utmost confidence in our team’s ability to provide Wataniya with the best technology and solution based services,” Said Faiq Faaiz Executive Vice President MillenniumESP.

With commercial operations covering the Middle East and North Africa, Wataniya Telecom Maldives, a subsidiary of Wataniya International, is an evolving force in the world of mobile communication.  With a consumer base that numbers over three million, the Company consistently focuses on providing customers with best-in-class products and services and the partnership with Microsoft Sri Lanka further augments the Company’s profile as a preferred service provider.

“Wataniya Telecom Maldives is proud to collaborate with Microsoft Sri Lanka to ensure that we continue to provide our customers a sophisticated, dynamic and above all relevant service”, said Mr. Lalith Perera, Director Information Technology of Wataniya.  “We pride ourselves on deploying staff, who are well trained in both technical and non-technical areas; the Microsoft EA will contribute significantly to staff and Company development through the proliferation of its latest software applications, and other licensed products, in addition to offering such benefits as training programmes and TechNet IDs for Wataniya IT support. Most importantly, the Microsoft EA enables the creation of a seamless working environment in which information is communicated quickly and effectively, and offers significant savings to the Company”.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement entered into by Wataniya Telecom Maldives is positioned as a model IT solution, by ensuring a simple, flexible and affordable means of standardizing businesses via the latest Microsoft technology and the availability of an IT infrastructure that is congruent with evolving business needs.  The EA, which is specifically designed for organizations with 250 or more desktop PCs, provides a framework for making software license acquisitions and management easier and cost-effective by simply calculating the number of desktop PCs instead of individual licenses; it provides consistency for budgeting purposes, which permits organizations to refocus critical IT budgets.

This agreement provides Wataniya with the latest software products of Microsoft, such as the Microsoft Office 2007 System for personal productivity, and Windows Vista for desktop environment. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 will help the employees of Wataniya work more efficiently and effectively with a new set of powerful tools for creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing information. The Microsoft Office Fluent™ user interface in the 2007 Microsoft Office system helps make programmes user friendly, while the new graphics capability creates great-looking, high-impact documents with ease.

The introduction of the Office Fluent user interface for Microsoft Office Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, and Access makes programme features easier to find and use. The commands are organized into a set of easy-to-browse tabs; larger, more informative ScreenTips will help employees discover new features to make jobs easier. Formatting and page layout galleries take the place of complicated dialog boxes to simply pick and then click for necessary effects, in addition to live previewing, streamlines editing and formatting operations.

The new capabilities in Office Excel 2007 provide data visualization and conditional formatting schemes, such as multicolor gradients, value thresholds, and performance-indicating icons to help make sense of data with ease. Office Word 2007 also introduces Building Blocks for adding frequently used content to documents. A predefined gallery of cover pages, pull quotes, headers, and footers aid in generating professional-looking documents.  Wataniya employees can even create their own Building Blocks to simplify the addition of custom text, such as legal disclaimer text or other frequently used materials.  Ideas are also communicated far more effectively with Office Power Point 2007, which allows users to create dynamic relationship, workflow, or hierarchy diagrams, maintain Power Point slide libraries for easy access and ensure that content is always up-to-date.

With the implementation of Office Professional Plus 2007 sharing information and working together becomes easier, safer and more productive. Access options include full access with Office Excel 2007, limited (values only) access, browser access, and Web services access.  The software also works smoothly Microsoft collaboration and IT infrastructure technologies, which enable effective and flexible communication, collaboration and schedule coordination. Wataniya employees will also get more out of their information as Office Professional Plus 2007 makes it easier to find, analyze, and use information through a broad array of advanced information search, management, and analysis technologies that extend from the inbox to the data centre.

With Office Outlook 2007, employees at Wataniya can exchange scheduling information by sending a calendar snapshot in an e-mail message or publishing it on Microsoft Office Online. Office Outlook 2007 keeps e-mail, commitments, and tasks more organized with the new To-Do Bar. The new feature gives a consolidated view of upcoming appointments, tasks, and e-mail messages flagged for follow-up, while allocating time to work on tasks only requires dragging tasks onto the calendar. These features are bound to increase the productivity of the employees at Wataniya.

To facilitate document sharing and version control among users, Wataniya is planning to implement Microsoft SharePoint server, which provides integrated document management and version control capability. Further, the company could utilize SharePoint Portal services to create a dash board to share internal business information and indexes. Office Professional Plus 2007 delivers out-of-the-box integration with the new Office SharePoint Server 2007, creating a powerful self-service collaboration environment that supports workflow-enabled document review, manage reports distribution, and structured information sharing.

Office Professional Plus 2007 helps organizations to lower the cost of executing business processes, including content production and management, through streamlined process automation using advanced electronic forms technologies.  Advances in Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2007 enables Wataniya to deploy forms as Outlook   e-mail messages, so employees can complete them without leaving the familiar Outlook environment. After they collect the information in Outlook, they can export it to an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database, or merge the data back to a single InfoPath form.  Office InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath Forms Services make it easy to extend electronic forms solutions beyond the firewall by enabling forms to be completed using many different Web browsers and mobile devices. Office Professional Plus 2007 also introduces a new level of support for XML with the Ecma Office Open XML Formats. These new file formats enable smaller, more robust documents and deep integration with information systems and external data sources.

The EA agreement provides maintenance benefits that help ensure organizations are more productive.  The Software Assurance, a comprehensive maintenance programme from Microsoft, helps businesses derive the optimum in the planning, implementation, operation, maintenance and transition of their licensed software solutions, and provides a broad range of benefits.  Technical support, software tools, employee training via e-learning, updates on the latest software and automatic new version rights are just some of the advantages of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

Sriyan de Silva Wijeyratne, Country Manager of Microsoft Sri Lanka said, “With the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Wataniya Telecom Maldives is assured of an effectual and proven means of leveraging the Company’s IT infrastructure to meet its business demands.  The EA is primarily a cost-effective method of reducing overheads with regard to IT computing and optimising software investments. Microsoft Sri Lanka looks forward to its collaboration with Wataniya Telecom, a dominant presence in the global telecommunications industry.  We hope to expand our business interests in our future engagements with the Maldives, while supporting our existing customers to drive their businesses to forward”.

With the signing of the Enterprise agreement, Wataniya Telecom has entered into a Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement, a tailored financing solution that upgrades its employees to the 2007 Microsoft Office system, and enables the smooth exchange of information.  Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista assure the speedy completion of daily tasks, which translates into increased productivity.  With Microsoft Exchange, employees of Wataniya Telecom experience a rich messaging and collaboration platform through access to emails while on the move, in the office or at home.  Push mail technology also enables users to access emails, calendar and task information using Windows Mobile – an added advantage to an organization in the telecommunications industry.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is providing businesses and organizations individual software solutions via genuine Microsoft products, offering daily value additions through the right tools and resources. At the forefront of IT proliferation, the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is changing the face of business.